Understand your users in real time

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unitQ is the missing link in your feedback loop, providing AI-powered insights from user feedback to help you craft high-quality products, services, and experiences.
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Trusted by amazing companies

    The ultimate data pipeline for user feedback

    unitQ aggregates feedback from disparate channels, processing and classifying it into over 500 granular categories, which we call Quality Monitors, to enable easy monitoring and analysis.

    Turn qualitative feedback
    into product improvements

    unitQ uncovers critical insights so you can fix urgent issues faster and make better product decisions.

    Feedback at your fingertips

    Easily access feedback across support tickets, chats, app reviews, social media, and more, translated from 70+ languages.

    Monitor product health

    Review feedback trends in real time and filter data by time range, region, platform, and more. Measure and track your product quality with the unitQ Score.

    Make triaging a breeze

    Quickly find related feedback, enriched with the necessary metadata to reproduce and fix quality issues. Get alerts on new issues before they snowball.

    Actionable data you can trust

    See all your feedback classified into unique, granular categories. Easily analyze trends and dig into root causes of quality issues.

    unitQ is your product quality platform

    In a world of continuous integration and continuous deployment, your product can break or user experience can deteriorate in countless ways without you even knowing it.

    But luckily, your users are constantly testing your product on your behalf. unitQ helps you leverage your feedback to make critical product improvements.

    Your users have a lot to say — unitQ helps you listen

    For Support

    All user feedback is automatically categorized and searchable from one place.

    For Product Operations

    Find and analyze user feedback to make better product decisions.

    For Engineering

    Get the data you need to detect, triage, and fix urgent quality issues faster.

    For Leadership

    Keep a pulse on product quality and align teams around impactful product changes.

    A trusted platform built for scale

    175 MTotal volume of feedback ingested
    18,000Unique issue categories or Quality Monitors
    71Languages supported
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    The State of Mobile Application Product Quality

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    Product Quality Assessment

    Discover how you stack up against the competition.

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    Turn User Feedback Into an Engine of Growth

    Learn 4 ways to turn your user feedback data into an engine of growth for your organization.

    Getting started is easy

    No SDK needed. Simply connect into your existing data sources.