Product Fitness and Wellness

Oulu, Finland


Quality Challenge
Siloed teams, siloed user feedback data, slow resolution times, manual categorizations, limited product quality insights

  • Faster issue resolutions
  • Automated collection and categorization of incoming user feedback from internal and external sources
  • Automated detection of new bugs, trending issues, or mentions of business-critical keywords
  • Easier, faster access to quantifiable product quality insights
  • More time to investigate potential new features and product opportunities
Oura, a leading wearable health platform, was founded in Finland to encourage better lives through better sleep. Its main product, the Oura Ring and its accompanying app, have since evolved to track a wearer’s heart rate, temperature, and more. Plus, it provides accurate personalized health data, insights and daily guidance. NASCAR and the NBA even used Oura Rings to optimize performance and monitor wellness among athletes and staff.

Manual User Feedback Processes Threatened Product Quality

Oura is pioneering a novel device for health and wellness tracking in a highly competitive space. Constant innovation across its product and app helps set the company apart. But even as Oura support managed tickets via Zendesk, its social media team separately monitored Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These siloed insights, plus the manual reviewing, processing, and categorization of thousands of comments from passionate users, slowed the flow of product quality insights to the groups that needed them.

“Our product, customer experience, and hardware teams need user feedback to understand how users are responding to new features, dig into questions, or identify potential quality issues. But our manual tagging and categorizations weren’t just time-consuming, they were inconsistent.”
— Jens Nordgaard, Data Analyst, CX Solutions & Insights, Oura

Intelligent User Feedback Insights Now Guide Product Quality Efforts

Oura’s product and support teams wanted a dependable, streamlined way to turn user feedback into product and feature guidance. Changes in topic volumes could highlight product quality issues or problems with recent releases, and sentiment analysis could guide product quality prioritizations. To do so, it needed an easier way to capture user feedback from Zendesk tickets and external social media channels, automatically categorize it consistently and accurately, and get those insights to the teams that needed them. In addition, Oura wanted to speed the cycle time between receiving feedback and resolving an issue.

Oura accomplished all this with unitQ Monitor, an AI-enabled product quality monitoring platform that provides access to all user feedback in one centralized place. It captures user feedback from public and private sources, intelligently understands the sentiment, categorizes issues, and provides alerts, reports, and integrations to internal tools. Oura support uses unitQ Monitor to eliminate slow, manual reviews of user feedback and quickly uncover the product quality issues of most concern to users. Product and hardware teams can also drill down on user feedback related to new features to understand how users interact with recent releases.

Oura’s move to unitQ couldn’t have come at a better time. Just months later, Oura launched its much-anticipated Oura Ring Gen3. But its massive popularity led to a four-fold increase in support tickets alongside the frenzy of this new product launch. The intelligent categorizations and powerful search features of unitQ Monitor helped Oura manage the deluge and make sense of the user feedback.

“unitQ’s intelligent topic categorizations and sentiment analysis let us cover more user feedback than we ever could before. That user feedback data then helps us identify and prioritize the issues most critical to users without having to manually read through thousands of tickets and posts.”
— Jens Nordgaard, Data Analyst, CX Solutions & Insights, Oura

Linking User Feedback to Innovation

Oura had a lot of friction in its process for capturing and combining user feedback from Zendesk and external social media channels, categorizing user feedback, and turning those qualitative reports into quantitative, actionable data. But with unitQ Monitor, Oura was able to automate that end-to-end user feedback loop and empower Product, Hardware, Customer Experience, and other teams to focus on the most pressing quality issues, quickly spot user trends, and enable ad-hoc investigations into potential quality issues. And unitQ has helped Oura use much of the time previously spent manually evaluating and categorizing user feedback to explore new feature and product opportunities.

Other unitQ Monitor benefits for Oura include:
  • A single repository for comprehensive user feedback from Twitter, Reddit, Zendesk, Instagram, the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and other sources ensures every user's voice is heard.
  • Intelligent topic categorizations help teams quickly identify, prioritize, and fix high-impact issues.
  • Automated detection of new bugs, trending issues, or mentions of business-critical keywords or search terms.

“unitQ has decreased the time from when we receive user feedback to when we implement a solution by proactively alerting us to trending issues. It also quantifies user feedback, leading to tighter collaboration between support, product, and hardware teams.”
— Jens Nordgaard, Data Analyst, CX Solutions & Insights, Oura

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