Aggregate Feedback

unitQ Monitor listens to omni-channel feedback from your customers about issues they may be encountering with your product. We find bugs buried in your customers’ feedback automatically.

Supported Channels:

• Social media

• App stores

• Customer support email

• Custom API. Push your proprietary data to our platform

unitQ Monitor listens across every channel constantly, so you don’t have to.

Translate Content

Our real-time translation tools monitor product quality across every global channel and locale, instantly translating feedback into English. Having all the feedback in a single language streamlines the review process.

Analyze Data

Categorize Bugs

Our machine learning tools analyze all the aggregated and translated data and identify potential bugs in your product. The more we monitor, the more reliably we can identify actual bugs from false positives and noise.

unitQ Monitor is an ML-driven platform that empowers companies to take charge of product quality in real-time, enabling growth and peace of mind. Sleep well at night knowing your product is working for all users, in all markets and at all times.


Once the data has been collected, translated and analyzed, it is sorted into custom categories that you define and is displayed on a real-time dashboard. The dashboard also shows recent activity including trends data as well as open and closed bugs. You can review the dashboard on any device so you never miss any customer feedback.