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Acuity Schedule Admin - Latest Quality Issues
Apr 17, 2021
I LOVED acuity, but it has a MAJOR flaw
Let me start by saying I've been using acuity for a while and I absolutely loved it, until I realized that as a hairstylist there's no way to include processing time for Double booking. This is a huge deal for a hairstylist who double books, clients are not able to book services during the processing time (down time) of another scheduled appointment. Which means my profits are literally cut in half if I don't double book. I have researched so many other booking software that are on the market, Acuity would easily be the best if this was an option. But unfortunately its too big of an issue to look past.
Apr 15, 2021
The app can be moody some days. At times the calendar doesnt load up by the week. It load by the day so then you'll have to swipe left to see the next day. Outside of that I can't think of anything else that needs tweaking. I use Acuity every day to manage my spa and it's essential to my businesses needs. I've been a customer for almost 3 years.
Apr 12, 2021
Great Scheduling app
I am giving it 4 start as there is still room for improvement: you cannot make courses visible is they are sold out, follow up emails could be improved, etc. But customer services are great at replying back.
Apr 6, 2021
Won't log in to my account. Works with the normal page editor, but not here
Apr 2, 2021
Slow. Its difficult to switch between different schedules, it take a considerable amount of time to load and often will not refresh. Its awkward while you're trying to check someone in and you're both just waiting. It keeps track of appointments. So it works. But we lament its existence, daily. Also, our clients really struggle with booking their own appointments and often making the appointment for the wrong location.
Mar 29, 2021
Amazing App for appointments
This app is amazing, I'm really excited using it. Easy to use. Just one question please. I couldn't find the app to download it on my iMac computer. If you can help me. Thank you
Mar 27, 2021
Disappointed as there is no weekly view, the shake to report an issue-does not work at all, no possible resizing option for better view...on a Samsung s21+...sorry squarespace but things definitely did not improve since you took over..
Mar 22, 2021
its dah bomb. We've been using it for over two years now and it works really well. Every app is going to have it's "refresh or close and reopen moments" but it's not common with this app. And works really well with out square space website.
Mar 14, 2021
It suddenly stopped working... I removed it then reinstalled it... Still not working... I have to go to the web page every time... Annoying
Acuity Schedule Admin - Product Description
Acuity Schedule Admin is your appointment-scheduling assistant that helps manage your calendar anytime, anywhere.

Run your business while you’re on the go: quickly access your daily or monthly calendar, edit your availability, and schedule appointments. 

App highlights:
• Log in with either Squarespace Scheduling or Acuity Scheduling.
• Check your real-time schedule and book appointments.
• Update and block off your availability.
• Customize your appointment types.
• Share direct scheduling links with clients.
• Take client payments.
• Manage your client list and update client notes.
• Get push notifications as new appointments are scheduled.
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