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Amex GBT Mobile - Latest Quality Issues
Mar 23, 2021
One of the worst solution I've received. It is not said that it "must" an app, and therefore does not allow to work from a PC. An app a gmail account not provided by my employer, in addition to having to be installed on a private phone which is against the general policy of my box ... tjr long mail, without the minimum "essential" info with no open chat, just loop that requires installation an app ... -> just awesome!
Mar 17, 2021
It always marks you that invalid credentials and does not start it is of no use to have it why the transfer does not enter
Jan 7, 2021
Unable to activate the profile, keep showing "internal error".
Oct 16, 2020
Cannot log in into the App
I cannot log in with my user and password into the App at all. When going over regular browser like MS Edge - all is fine there.
Oct 5, 2020
No response
Terrible app with no support
Aug 6, 2020
One star still too much
Recreated an account, not re-ordered with fresh data despite verification, but still don't come in. If it fails like the rest...?!?
Jul 4, 2020
App does not load after updating
V 4.11 on IPhone 7, IOS 13.5.1 Blue screen, then quits. Previous version of app worked well, I was notified of the newest version, (which now after updating), will not load. Deleted app and reinstalled from AppStore, same non-functional result.
Jul 4, 2020
App crashes
Cannot open the app after latest update - app crashes at startup
Jul 3, 2020
Application is crushing
Application is crushing on my iPhone XR. I reinstall it without success. Because of that I can't contact technical support.
Amex GBT Mobile - Product Description
Welcome to Amex GBT Mobile: the business travel app that empowers customers of American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) by providing global access to booking, trip information, and live servicing.

We focus on the details, so you can focus on the reason you are traveling (and maybe even get some rest). 

Whether you are a road warrior booking complex international trips with many connections, or simply trying to keep track of flight, hotel, car and rail details without resorting to paper itineraries that are hard to access when you need them – Amex GBT Mobile is your partner in all things travel.

See how the new Amex GBT Mobile app will revolutionize the way you travel:

Book directly from your mobile device.
• Access booking features directly from the home screen of the mobile app.
• Complete bookings with live agent Messenger.
• Book hotels with Booking.com.

All your travel organized in one place.
• Updated itineraries and timeline view allow for easy access to all of your travel.
• New action oriented trips and segments, with contextual options based on where you are in your journey.
• Add trips booked anywhere using our new import feature.

See the future with a complete travel timeline.
• Our improved timeline view allows you to see all your trips in one feed.

Chat with a travel counselor with Live Messenger.
• Our Messenger feature allows you to connect with a travel counselor for assistance.
• Modify or change existing trips booked with American Express GBT.
• Book new trips, flights, hotels or other travel with a live agent.

Never miss a beat, with trip updates and messages.
• Receive important travel updates and notifications in real time.
• Stay safe while on the road, with Expert Care and Proactive Traveler Care. 

Important note about App Access
• In order to register and use Amex GBT Mobile, *your company needs to be a customer of American Express Global Business Travel* and have signed up for the app (if they have not, please ask your company's travel manager to get in touch with their account manager). You will then need to enter your company email address and complete a few registration steps. 
• To access a list of frequently asked questions, please click here: https://www.amexglobalbusinesstravel.com/faq 
• Available in 25 countries globally, in English, French, French Canadian, and Spanish.
If your company does not yet manage travel using American Express GBT’s tools, discounts and world-renowned customer service, please ask your leadership to get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your travel: www.amexgbt.com.
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