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AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 2, 2021
It's beautiful, but it's freezing.
I'd say it's better than a beautiful netfilix, but it's freezing, and you need to fix this problem.
May 31, 2021
I feel like I've been robbed
Paid for no ad and everything but nothing change, still there's ad and the videos not working 😅 I feel like I've been robbed 👎🏻
May 30, 2021
doesn't work
May 30, 2021
Everything doesn't work and too much ads
May 29, 2021
Scam app
Don't download it it look like if I eight-year-old were to design it, Plus it has way too many ads and some of the ads you can't even remove, but one of the main points is it almost has no anime at all.
May 25, 2021
A lot of animes I cant watch
At first I was not having trouble with it, then a lot of shows that I wanted to watch they werent there, and literally I spent money so no ad could appear and Im still getting ads every single time.
May 19, 2021
All he does is freeze.
There is no Turkish language, it does not open anyway, even if it is opened, this is the purpose
May 17, 2021
Don't ever hella work I tried it for years hella bad
May 11, 2021
I would like a refund
To those of you who are on here reading the reviews skeptical on wether you should pay for this app or even download it, don't. It's not everything it says it is with a massive collection of mangas and anime's. You can't even read the mangas. The app kicks you out. I got charged 5 dollars just to access the features that are free thinking that I would get special access to other things, when in reality I didn't. Plus I still get ads.I would honestly like my money back. To anyone contemplating getting the app just don't it's a waste of time.
AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven - Product Description
◆ Your One Stop For Everything Anime/Manga! ◆

An app that places you in the centre of all things anime, AnimeHub is a handy tool that allows you to keep up with and enjoy anime and manga.

- See all the latest news on your favourite anime and manga series and video games.

- Have Push Notifications delivered to your device automatically when news pops up. 

- Watch anime on the go

- Read manga right within the app choosing from a wide selection of over 13,000 series.

- Learn about new and old anime/manga with our extensive database containing information on pretty much every anime and manga ever made.

- Personalise the app and make it yours with customisable settings, views and themes.

AnimeHub offers a wide variety of titles from all categories - (Shounen, Seinen, Shoujo, Mecha, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Ecchi and many more). I dare you to enter an anime/manga title into the app and not find it!
It also boasts an impressive database of titles from Naruto, One Piece and Attack on Titan to Rosario Vampire to Please! Mr Bear!

(Also its LITERALLY less than 10MB so thats a quick download and it won't take up any space!)
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