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AnyStories - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 11, 2021
Money hungry.
I bought 500 credits for 4.99. This does not envelope let you read 1 book. I can buy and read an entire book for the price. This is a rip-off do not get this app
Oct 1, 2021
Really unhappy, missing credits, poor service
I have only had my account since July. I have made a couple of purchases but had some credits missing, which were returned before I could contact them. I, thankfully, decided to wait to make sure it was not a regular is. I log in every day to get the rewards done and ways saving up to unlock a story so I could read it uninterrupted and only needed about 50 credits to unlock the whole rest of the story (I had over 911 credits) and when I collected my rewards it showed as me only having 489 credits. I sent a message through support and it took 6 days for them to send me a form letter telling me to check my purchases. I have not made a purchase at all since September 6, 2021. The math doesn't add up, even an idiot can see it why send me a message implying I am stupid and just spent over 500 credits at once when there is no purchase for more than 50 credits at any one time? I think they should look before imply their customers who spend money are stupid… *Update* Apparently, even when you buy credits with real money, they expire in a month. They really should tell you that but apparently they don't… Guess I am going to delete this app and go to Wattpad…
Sep 30, 2021
Everything was fine until i started losing log in credots n reading bonus dont get it waiting to c if problem gets fixed or not if does will put to 5 stars
Sep 30, 2021
It really does not load or show my coins right for as much as i read
Sep 30, 2021
i wrote a whole novel on this app, i can see it got over 900 views, through google, but there is no info abt it in the app... I am not able to see it or access it. Kindly do something about it.
Sep 29, 2021
Some good stories, but insanely expensive
So I've read some good stories on here, but I literally haven't been able to finish any because I'm not willing to spend $30-50 on a single book that can only be read in this app. So I've started a bunch of stories and I slowly get to read one with free daily coins (usually not enough coins in one day for one chapter). It's frustrating. I'd pay $10 for a book, but I'm not paying $40 for one I can only read in this glitchy app. They'd actually get money from me if they lowered their prices some, but how it currently is I refuse to spend any money on this app.
Sep 28, 2021
Really good but
I love the stories even though they could use so grammar corrections, they hook you within the first 2 pages but… I'll earn all of my bonuses for the day and won't use them but when I go back into the app is says I have way less than what I had before I got off the app. I don't understand why each section that you have to purchase with these coins are of different amounts instead of all the same for one book. Again I really do love the stories but I'm not a fan of the random amount of coins that go missing😕
Sep 28, 2021
Every time i would get coins. I would wait to read in the evening and all my coins would be gone. So i started paying more attion and today my coins were gone in 20 minutes after they were put on. So i am not buying any more coins and i deleted this app. It is not worth the hassel.
Sep 26, 2021
I've been trying to unlock chapters for months now and I can't seem to get them. I'm willing to pay but the app wouldn't allow me to pay
AnyStories - Product Description
Anystories-where your fantasy satisfied 
Obsessed with fictional stories? Download the app and enjoy your own magical world! 
Anystories is a fantasy land where you can indulge in thousands of bite-sized romance fiction, love stories, and fantasy stories about popular romance, bad-boy, attractive vampires, and unexpected encounter with billionaire bosses.
We present you with cool frat boys, powerful alphas, vampire heirs, bad boy royals, and billionaire bosses. Your fantasy will be satisfied whatever it is. 
You can have exclusive access to this land of unfiltered fiction whenever you like. Whatever you’re into reading—romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, action-adventure, Paranormal, fantasy, young adult fiction, or fanfiction—it’s all on AnyStories. So whether you’re looking for more LGBT meet-cutes, cyberpunk fairy tales, or new technothrillers to devour, you’ll find it all, and so much more, on AnyStories.
If you love the theme of Once Rejected Twice Desired,  Don't miss The Hidden Princess. 
If you are a fan of His Blue Moon Princess, the author Jenny's new stories are all exclusive on AnyStories. Try out His Blazing Witch and The War God's Favorite.
If you can't read enough werewolf stories, do read Cecil. It has many surprising plots. 
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Save your favorite stories to keep them with you wherever you go. Hooked on a story? Simply sync your account to easily pick up where you left off. Never lose track of daily-updated stories. 
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Have an original story to tell? Share it on AnyStories and get it discovered by global story-lovers! We spot untapped, unsigned, and talented writers on AnyStories and reward them with frequent contest prizes and impressive bonuses. The power of community and technology on AnyStories will never let a good story go. And our community will be there to cheer you on throughout your writing journey.
If you are an emerging writer, 
-Start building a young and unique readership from rapidly growing global smartphone fiction consumption. If other platforms like Dreame, Wattpad, Inkitt, Galatea, Radish can't promote you decently,  you know where to find us. 
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Moreover, signed writers will share a certain percentage of royalties based on how much readers paid.
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