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Blur photo background - Auto editor - Latest Quality Issues
Feb 23, 2023
I didn't like it! Because i was bugging all the time and then passed FF ads just stressed myself and lost my time has much better
Mar 3, 2023
It's Still Very Complicated When You Enter the Galleri of Many Ads Too
Mar 7, 2023
not bad quality, only the advertising is slightly reduced. Thanks
Mar 13, 2023
Too many ads
Mar 16, 2023
can't do optimal blur!
Mar 17, 2023
VERY slow to make the "blur" effect, and NOT very impressive, either! Full of ads, too. Why, oh why, does nearly EVERY developer on PlayStore keep advertising/promoting that AWFUL TikTok as??!! I will NOT allow TikTok anywhere near ANY of my devices!!!
Mar 19, 2023
there are too many excessive advertisements. bokeh effect is not good
Mar 20, 2023
Horrible worse stay active that I have already installed in life the business enters the app already crashes you will edit a photo comes ad the person can not touch a configuration already comes ad the first without having the little head there after I went there to by the horrible application 1 kg of virus
Mar 26, 2023
the money for the unlocked is too much
Blur photo background - Auto editor - Product Description
Blur photo background is a simple app to quickly blur background, get a depth effect and portrait mode photo. Don’t waste your time to manually edit your photo to blur background. Artificial Intelligence will automatically blur your photo in few seconds. You can also unblur your photo, adjust the blur level of your photo with blur background control and share amazing pictures with your friends on Instagram.

Create an amazing blurry photo effect like on a professional DSLR camera with our helpful free app.
Enhance your photo by one tap on any smartphone! 

-- Features --
- Create a portrait mode blur effect on any smartphone
- Control your blur levels for precise editing
- Enjoy simple and user-friendly interface
- Don’t waste your time. Just one tap to create amazing DSLR focus effect
- Use artificial intelligence magic. No manual effort is needed anymore
- Share you portraits on Instagram with your friends

-- How to use --
- Choose an image from the album on your smartphone or just capture a new picture 
- Wait for few seconds and voila! The depth effect is ready with the artificial intelligence help.
- You can unblur your photo by one tap 
- You can compare the result with the original photo
- You can adjust blur levels to get necessary portrait mode blur effect
- Save your enhanced amazing shot on your phone or share it on Instagram with your friends

-- We will add in the future --
- Smart photo crop -  for portrait photo automatically creation  
- Bokeh effect photo

Blur photo background is ideal for creating blur background photo, depth effect photo, DSLR focus effect, point blur photo and many more. Try Now!
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