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Baby Shark Best Kids Songs - Latest Quality Issues
Dec 28, 2021
I downloaded this app and when I open it they tell me checking update list. but it will never come
Dec 13, 2021
Unable to share my purchase with my kids
I purchased this app with my account but I am unable to share this with my kids. Instead I have to repurchase it
Dec 7, 2021
I installed it for years but suddenly it crashed, no matter for my iPhone or iPad. Is it due to the new bugs fix? Ridiculous.
Dec 7, 2021
My app does not open or work
It has been several days already and I've tried removing the app and re-installing but it's still not working. Help please.
Dec 5, 2021
App kept crashing
Usually runs smoothly but it kept crashing today
Dec 4, 2021
kept flashing back
It's flashing back and can't be used
Nov 28, 2021
Money Lost
Just bought my son a new ipad and the app won't restore the songs I have already purchased. How do you get help??? The page to submit a request on the website is all in Korean!?
Nov 21, 2021
Haven't played the game yet
Nov 18, 2021
No Sharing
Can't share with my family plan. Not going to purchase everything twice for mine and my husbands account.
Baby Shark Best Kids Songs - Product Description
Pinkfong Baby Shark Best Songs for Kids!

Baby Shark Best Kids Songs & Stories is a safe, educational app for all kids who love singing & dancing.
Watch over 1,000 videos featuring Pinkfong, Baby Shark, nursery rhymes, cars, ABCs, numbers, shapes, dinosaurs, princesses, and more, without internet connection.
Choose your favorite song collection & watch them non-stop, up to 100 minutes.


1. WATCH over 1,000 songs & stories offline!
- Choose your favorite topic & video collection to show your kids.
- Watch high quality videos non-stop. Also available without wi-fi after downloading.
- Listen to familiar nursery rhyme songs in English, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese!

2. LEARN ABCs, Numbers, and Words in a fun way!
- Learn English, ABCs, numbers, and the timetable with fun, catchy songs.
- The beautiful graphics and adorable characters will easily draw children's attention & boost children's creativity.

3. SAFE & easy to use
- Includes kid-friendly interface with screen-lock mode.
- There are no ads. 
- Easy to maneuver without parents' help.

Let your children enjoy Baby Shark Best Kids Songs & Stories when you're busy, during car trips, or at home!
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