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BabySparks - Development App - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 28, 2022
Slow responsiveness in UI. For Vitals charts, it seems they cannot be downloaded somehow. Milestone track is nice feature.
Jun 27, 2022
Good activities bad app
The activities are super good, but the app has to be checked because sometimes doesn’t work properly and it is a waste of time
Jun 27, 2022
Can’t even get through the initial profile setup
Not off to a good start - after entering the child’s name and date of birth, the “I am the child’s” drop down opens in landscape mode which makes it difficult to confirm the selection. Youre able to scroll but because the drop down is in landscape mode you can’t make out the options and select. Bummer.
Jun 25, 2022
The aolicacion is failing a lot, when I try to enter it closes suddenly. If I need a prompt solution because I pay a subscription and it is unfair that I can not enjoy it.
Jun 23, 2022
Ok the application is driving me insane! It's way too slow. In theory it's a good app but I can't do anything on it without spending an hour just trying to click! I tried it on different phones same issue. It's just awful how slow it is. I don't understand how this could be a problem in 2022! I just stopped even trying to open the app coz I know I'll be frustrated..
Jun 20, 2022
4 months ago I bought a paid subscription for a year. I haven't logged into the app for three months. I've been trying to log in for a few weeks now. Videos in the personal account of daily activity are not loaded, they do not work. Reinstalled the app twice. How to fix this problem?
Jun 19, 2022
Worked great, loved the training and exercise ideas this apps gives us. But now the app is broken, won't open at all. Update: so I uninstalled and installed the app again a few times, it seems to work again.
Jun 18, 2022
It not possible to unsubscube from the app.Always sents emails!! Annoying app!
Jun 17, 2022
I have the paid version, but I can barely mark the activities done and the milestones reached, crashes the application, delay sload,. Could you help me, please. Or I'm going to cancel my purchase.
BabySparks - Development App - Product Description
Designed by child development experts and used by millions of parents and caregivers worldwide, BabySparks offers thousands of activities and milestones for children ages 0-3. You get a personalized development program with proprietary smart adaptive technology that learns and adapts to your child’s specific needs.

During the first years of life, a child’s brain creates more than one million new neural connections EVERY SECOND. During these critical years, consistently reinforcing a broad range of positive experiences nurtures optimal brain development and has a lifelong impact.
BabySparks’ expert-created, customized daily play program helps you do the right things at the right times in the right way. And the best part is that the cornerstone of each activity is playing and spending quality time with your child.

With BabySparks you get:
-      A daily program of activities that support different critical areas of development, including cognition, language, gross and fine motor skills, social emotional, sensory, and self-care
-      Brief instructional videos for each activity
-      Smart adaptive technology that learns and adapts to your child’s individual needs
-      The ability to search our collection of thousands of activities by category, milestone, or place
-      A library of hundreds of development and parenting articles, searchable by categories or tags
-      Tools to monitor your child’s milestones, progress, and growth, including personalized reports    

Download BabySparks at no cost to create a profile for your child and access sample activities, milestones, and development information. Subscribe to unlock our full collection of activities, milestones, articles, tracking tools and more. You can subscribe on a monthly, annual, or lifetime basis.

- Monthly subscription: US$ 4.99 paid month-to-month
- Annual subscription: US$ 29.99 (or US$ 2.49/month) paid once a year
- Lifetime: US$ 59.99 (1-time payment)

Your credit card will be charged for this subscription through your iTunes account once you confirm your purchase. Our monthly and annual subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled 24 hours before the end of the current period. The price of your subscription won't increase when renewed.

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