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Benefits OnLine - Latest Quality Issues
May 28, 2021
Never works with correct login. Freezes up and have to call them and HR each time to reset. Ridic impossible to access account.
May 18, 2021
App crashes every time I hit log in. Compleatly unusable.
May 18, 2021
App was fine the company sucks Please do not put your money into their 401k and think that you're ever going to be able to get a hardship withdrawal because it will not happen. I applied for one the request was not approved I called them to find out why I needed to resubmit another bill so I did that and once again I did not approve it so getting a hardship withdrawal stagnated impossible they don't want to help when people are having a hard time financially they just give you a hard time
May 18, 2021
Bug with Face ID
So this version has some bug where every time I open the app I have to reactivate Face ID. Never had this problem before
May 16, 2021
So have decided to try and do a withdrawal as it's a tough time right now but couple issues with the app and company. Call the company and after spending 10 minutes on the phone going in circles with the auto system I'm told offices aren't open. So I try the app. You go to the loan section and a big box with a red triangle is like you have no money to take a loan yet I'm seeing that I have money so don't know what that's about. Also even though it shows that box it still lets you do everything to try to get a loan even though you can't get one. Maybe don't have the selections available if you don't qualify. Then try to do a withdrawal and I don't want to do it as a hardship and I'm fine with paying to take my money out but it forces me to take a hardship. They then mail you a check. Most people in a hardship might and prob need money quicker than a paper check. Like how about doing direct deposit. Definitely won't be using this company if I ever leave my job and set up a 401k on my own. I absolutely hate apps and companies that all of a sudden out of nowhere tell me that I have to reset up Face ID. This app tells me Touch ID and I don't have that on my phone. I don't always have my passwords next to me and I can't remember them all as I make some pretty long and stupid passwords. Looking at some stuff at my bank come November or when ever I choose my insurance stuff this year I will be canceling my 401k and just doing something with my bank.
May 12, 2021
It use to work now it locks me out of my account. Even though my info was correct. And I tried to do the next step which is to change my passcode but it wont even let me do that. I keep getting an error whenever I enter my info to proceed to request a new passcode. I call the number but then it tells me to easily change it on the website. I cant. It just brings me back to telling me to call the number given. And I am pretty sure an assistant wont be able to change my passcode as it is private.
Apr 29, 2021
Have not been able to log into the app for weeks now. I go online and it works fine but the app tells me my user or password is incorrect when it definitely isn't because it works on the webpage. Then my account gets locked so I can't even log in online for X amount of time.
Apr 28, 2021
Nice interface but difficult to navigate and use. This app has so much potential but a lot of the options are not what I would expect. I can't find what I think would be straightforward info regarding my awards, sales, and transfers. History and activity don't work... They show no activity despite a few transfers and deposits.
Apr 26, 2021
Not the best
This is a basic app. Cumbersome to get around. And worst of all, gives you no ability to do trades in your self managed account. Also, no real time market quotes. But I can see my balance. Woo hoo
Benefits OnLine - Product Description
You don’t need a computer to keep up with your employer-sponsored benefit plans. With the free Benefits OnLine® Mobile app, you’ll have easy access to your benefit plans with Merrill, virtually 24/7. Find out how easy it is to:

Manage your accounts
• Check your account balances, detailed holdings and account history
• Manage your investments and update contribution rates
• View your Account Summary with interactive graphics
• Request a loan, withdrawal or rollover

Access financial information
• Review U.S. & global market data
• Add securities to your device watchlist
• Monitor major market securities

Personalize your experience
• Stay up to date with My To-Do List and Alert messages 
• Have your Merrill investment account balances and Bank of America account balances displayed along with your benefit plan accounts
• Choose “online delivery” for statements and confirmations

Stay secure 
• Set up Touch ID/Face ID to log in securely without using your password*
• Visit our Privacy & Security page to learn about the features we offer to help protect you and your accounts 

The Benefits OnLine® app is available to clients who have access to the benefits.ml.com website. Some of the features and services available on benefits.ml.com are not available within this app. Please access the website to access all functionality. Select Application License Agreement and review the amended Terms & Conditions, which apply to the website and all mobile devices. By downloading and using this app, you agree to the current Terms & Conditions.

You may be charged access fees from your wireless service provider depending on your mobile device. Please check with your wireless service provider for details on specific fees and charges.

*Certain devices are eligible for enrollment in Touch ID/Face ID. 

The images included are for illustrative purposes only.

Merrill Privacy and Security: ml.com/privacy

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• Are Not Bank Guaranteed 
• May Lose Value
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