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Bills Organizer & Reminder - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 10, 2021
Can only add 5 bills
Limit of 5 bills is pretty lame.
Jun 8, 2021
Deleted Bill keeps coming back
I have deleted one of my bills that is set to “never repeat” almost everyday. It keeps coming back even though it's been deleted. I use the delete all (selected and future) on this specific bill and literally it comes back. How do I fix this?
Jun 7, 2021
Love this app & have been using it for about a year & am quite happy with it. I love that I can set my home screen to be the full calendar w/easy to see payments at a glance. Love the graphics of the app...very visual. Mostly easy to use menus, but wish I could use my back button. When I do, it takes me out of the app, not to the main screen which drives me nuts. Also, have trouble editing payment dates & amounts. I'm unable to edit them. I believe I paid small reasonable amount for no ads.
Jun 2, 2021
I need help with this app it's doing nothing my payment may have changed so if some one canrespond that would be great 👋🏾
May 25, 2021
Change notification settings
Please allow the option to change notifications to the day of when a bill is due. Currently it only allows to be notified a day before. I pay my bills when i get paid. If i get notified a day before the notification will be lost.
May 21, 2021
Keeps crashing
This app is amazing but unfortunately it works when it wants to. Everytime I open it up it crashes and no matter how many times I try it just doesn't work.
May 21, 2021
The reviews have to be fake! This app started out good now it won't even open!!!! Crashes every single time I try to open it!!! How the heck am I supposed to keep my bills organized when the dang app won't open???? Clearly needs some type of update!!!!
May 20, 2021
Rip off- Closes when adding date
Complete waste of $29 . The app closes every time you try to enter due date when adding a bill. This company needs to return my money if its not going to work.
May 14, 2021
App is cool. When it works
App hardly ever opens! Will try for 20 seconds and then just close. Haven't been able to use app in over a week.
Bills Organizer & Reminder - Product Description
With Bills Organizer & Reminder you can say NO to late payment fees, penalties and low credit score! The main idea of the app is to give you tool that lets you track and manage all your bills in one place. Bills Organizer & Reminder has dashboard-style views that allow you quickly see approaching bills, and it sends payment reminders for upcoming bills before due date. Never miss bill payment and always pay all your bills on time!

Main app features:
- Different views: Upcoming Bills, Paid Bills, Accounts, Account Bills, Calendar View, Chart View, Settings, etc.
- App allows you create recurring bills with different billing periods (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly etc.) and one time bills as well.
- Bills Organizer & Reminder sends payment reminders regardless whether the app is open or closed.
- Mark bill as paid from within notification without starting the app.
- Calendar gives you monthly view with payment statuses of bills.
- Chart lets you analyze your spending over any period of time.
- Bills Organizer & Reminder synchronizes data across all your iOS devices.
- Secure access to the app with Passcode, Touch ID or Face ID of your device.
- App icon’s badge shows you number of upcoming bills.
- Accounts management.
- Bills Organizer & Reminder allows you to export all your bills into CSV file.
- When you create or update account enter website URL. And later when you record bill payment click Payment URL link on the bill’s payment page to easy navigate to website and pay your bill.
- Advanced bill editing capability lets you update selected bill and all future bills as well. If you accidentally mark bill as paid you can easily mark it as unpaid.
- Auto Pay Bill feature becomes really handy when you have automatically paid bill and want the app to automatically mark the bill as paid on the due date.
- Upcoming Bills view displays total amount of unpaid bills by month and week.
- Paid Bills view displays total amount of paid bills by month.
- Bills Organizer & Reminder gives you ability to manually backup and restore data from iCloud or your device, if you want to save snapshot of data at some given point in time.
- Customization of default options: reminder time, reminder start date, badge, currency, authentication, start screen, etc.
- Categories Management feature allows you to create, edit and remove categories.
- Record bill payments in Bills Organizer & Reminder app and see payments full history at any time.
- Add and track your income in the app.
- User friendly interface.

Please feel free to contact us at bills.organizer.kdvsolutions@gmail.com for any feedback, questions and new features request.

- You get Bills Organizer & Reminder app with full set of features (not a trial/limited app) that lets you manage up to five accounts for free. If you need to create more accounts then you can buy one-time “Unlimited Accounts” ($2.99) feature within the app at any time.
- Bills Organizer & Reminder displays ads. To disable ads in the app you can buy one-time “No Ads” ($1.99) feature within the app at any time.
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