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Blue Shield of California - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 14, 2021
Has not updated my insurance card even after numerous calls.
Jun 11, 2021
After I signed in, it's just keep freezing, totally unusable.
Jun 2, 2021
Terrible!!! It keeps denying my payment. Called my bank and they said there's nothing wrong with my card. Now my payment is Late!
May 19, 2021
If you have a medicare suppliment, app doesn't even let you sign in...
Apr 27, 2021
Login does not work
Login does not work. I've tried logging in 5+ times, rechecked username and password very carefully every time. It does not work. It works 100% of the time on the website using Chrome on the Desktop. This app is outright broken. 1 star.
Apr 17, 2021
Not sure if it's the app or not but been trying to reset my password for the last month to get access as I need a new one. Every time it says it's having technical issues, even called and spoke with a representative to get it figured out on their end. Still doesn't work, so now I have to pay by phone every month.
Apr 4, 2021
Ability to make payment through the app never works.
Mar 27, 2021
Not great. I'm trying to accept my next appointment with my provider but it won't let me complete my billing information. Both the app and website are broken. I've emailed support and left a voice mail to support but have yet to get a response back. It's been a couple days.
Mar 26, 2021
Easy to use
Easy to use and helpful. I realised I was being charged for office visits from my physical therapist even though my deductible was met. I was able to call it to their attention and now I don't have to pay a copay for my visits
Blue Shield of California - Product Description
Manage your health care from anywhere with the Blue Shield of California app. View your ID card,
search for doctors, track your claim information, understand your benefits and more. The Blue Shield of
California app provides BSC and BSC Promise members enhanced 24/7 service and ease-of-access to the information
that matters most.

As a member of Blue Shield of California or Blue Shield Promise, with our app you can:

•	View your personalized dashboard
•	Search for doctors and facilities, by doctor specialty, by location, and/or by name
•	Display and share your Blue Shield of California ID card
•	Track the current status of your plan usage, including deductibles and copayments
•	Review your claims, and track the progress of new claims from outset to finalization
•	Submit out-of-network claims
•	Pay your monthly premiums
•	Review your health care team, including your doctors’ credentials, locations and contact information
•	See your health insurance plan information, including important documents like your plan summary and Evidence of Coverage (EOC)
•	Review family members on your plan and see their personal information
•	View your benefits, including information on custom benefits, general exclusions and benefit maximums
•	Learn about our benefit discount programs, like dental, vision and pharmacy
•	Find urgent care
•	Quickly access your member information without having to type in your username password. Touch ID is now available for members using compatible devices.

This app is intended for use by Blue Shield of California and Blue Shield Promise Health Plan members who are residents of California.

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