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Branch: No Wait Pay. - Latest Quality Issues
Nov 23, 2022
Contacted Support WEEKS AGO AND NO ANSWER. It would not add my email to my account when it was crated so support will not contact me and there is no way to fix nor deactivate. THIS APP IS BUSTED
Nov 23, 2022
No Customer Service
I was told I had a default advance all of a sudden back from March for $12.50 for when my account went on hold due to me going on maternity leave. I have spent over a week sending over a dozen emails and countless calls to just be told it will be taken out of my check and I can have access to my branch account again. Well they didn't take it out of my paycheck so once again I don't have access for advances because of $12.50 from March!!! Every day I am spending on calls trying to get this fixed and no one will correct my account, I've even asked so many times how I can just pay back this measly $12.50 and no responses. I'm told it's escalated and what not but no one will answer me. This is awful customer service to say the least, probably the worst I've ever encountered
Nov 23, 2022
I do not like this app. First off it charges WAY TOO MUCH for you to transfer your own money into your primary account. Then you can only send yourself 1K and have to wait the following day to send the rest. Absolutely ridiculous! And yes I can wait two days for it to be transferred without a fee but then my bills would be late. There's so many different apps that charge way less to cash out instantly then this one And I really wish Spark would have used a different alternative.
Nov 25, 2022
Can’t get log in
Very hard to setup, been waiting to get text messages for almost an hour and after I got it says invalid code, don't why company using these kind service if they are not ready to be fully ready !!! There a whole bunch app service is much easier and good service, as I'm writing this I don't even have access to my account, and don't even know who I contact since they only by email contact. Come on now is that what we need in 2022!!!!
Nov 27, 2022
This app is complete garbage it does not work! I went through KELLY SERVICES They said they offered this but it doesn't work!!!!!
Nov 28, 2022
A disaster
Nov 29, 2022
U do have to wait wish walmart branch let u pay per run like some of the others
Nov 29, 2022
Couldn't even download it
Nov 30, 2022
It's ok but something your money be slow coming on the card need to be better
Branch: No Wait Pay. - Product Description
Get paid your money and tips instantly and receive your full paycheck early*! Sign up is free and easy. No fees, interest, credit checks, or membership costs.

Branch makes it easy for workers to grow their finances with a free digital wallet -- in fact, we’re helping them save thousands of dollars per year on overdraft fees, monthly fees, and ATM fees alone.

Hundreds of thousands of workers enjoy the following benefits…

Get Paid Instantly
• Free, fast access to your money, tips, and reimbursements
••• Get paid instantly up to 50% of your paycheck when you need it.*

• Up to two-day early full paycheck
••• Add your paycheck to Branch and get it early.*

Fee-Free Digital Wallet + Debit Card 

• Zero-fee digital wallet with Branch’s Mastercard debit card
••• Say goodbye to hidden bank fees, overdrafts and ATM fees.

• Access 40,000+ free ATM’s whenever you need cash
••• Use your debit card across all locations in the United States.

• Contactless payments and instant set-up with Apple Pay & Google Pay
••• Use your debit card immediately after set-up through your phone or Apple Watch.

• Instant refund on gas holds at the pump
••• Forget about those pesky pending gas holds and only charge what you fill. 

Pay Bills & Transfer Money Easily

• Move money instantly between your other bank accounts
••• Easily transfer money from a family or a secondary bank account to Branch.

• Pay your bills, subscriptions, and auto-payments. 
••• Use your Branch Wallet to pay for recurring bills and auto-payments. 

• Lose your card? Block your card instantly in-app
••• Take control and keep your account secure by locking it.

• Feel safe with top rated EMV chip card security
••• Your data is safe and secure with EMV backed chip card and in app pin security.

• Responsive customer support
••• Friendly support from real people available on email, phone, and chat.

Use the funds in your Branch wallet to handle your daily purchases like buying gas, paying your bills, and tackling emergency costs.Branch helps you avoid late fees, overdrafts and credit card debt! 
If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at support@branchapp.com


*Timing and availability may vary depending on the employer’s deposit schedule.

There is no cost to use the app or Branch debit card. However, you may incur a small fee if you choose to transfer your funds from the Branch account to an external debit card or account instantly.

Banking Services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. The Branch Mastercard Debit Card is issued by Evolve Bank & Trust pursuant to a license from Mastercard and may be used everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted.
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