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Branch: Banking & Instant Pay - Latest Quality Issues
Apr 14, 2021
Good Luck using this App if you don’t plan to have your money Direct Deposited through them!
This app is such a mess now that they have “updated” or whatever they call it. I have consistently used the same debit card as my external method of payment for over a year with the company. The company ADMITTED they were having issues with Plaid AND anyone who had Bank of America. I was no different. So when they went to collect my instant repayment, the Plaid issue caused them to have to use an ACH withdrawal from my account versus repay from the debit card. I have contacted support 900 times after I have not been able to take another instant because Branch placed a block on my card because the ONE time they had an issue pulling my payment back with the card. Mind you they were still able to collect the money using the ACH method. Now supports excuse (and I guarantee you will be the company reply to this comment) will say “oh we had some updates and we just must (all of a sudden) not accept your debit card due to verification issues” OR their other favorite “to prevent this hassle please set up your direct deposit with us there are lots of benefits” So in turn they are forcing me to sign up for direct deposit in order to use instant pay ever again. If you don't believe me check back for the company's response once they respond to my review!
Apr 13, 2021
This app won't let me verify my email. I have tried several times. I just want to cancel my account. It won't let me even do that.
Apr 10, 2021
Horrible horrible, won't let me get an advance because payback not confirmed...my bank statement says you were paid on time and you already got your money...so if you use Plaid...then why does your app disconnect from my bank every week?
Apr 7, 2021
After reading all reviews and using the app as well in the beginning the app was amazing but I had to also change my 5 star rating to a 1 bc alot of my issues with the app were exactly like all the reviews already stated
Apr 6, 2021
Company doesn't update their app and it pulls wrong information. Have to uninstall and reinstall every other week because it screws up all the time. Don't waste your time or energy. There are better apps out there for doing this. Also they do not respond in a timely manner when issues are reported. If i could give it zero stars i would.
Apr 4, 2021
Company forced us to use this in order to get paid. Will not allow my bank to link.
Apr 4, 2021
I really hate this app and bank but my employer just started paying us on this bank I like my wisely bank , this app won't verify me email now cuz I logged out won't let me back , I have alot of choice words for this stupid bank app and I have bills to pay I hate this app I hating this more and more it sucks you want to pay my bills
Mar 29, 2021
Need alil fix app should match y’all system
Awesome however updates to main system a little slow but great customer service when fixing said issue everything on time three months deep now no complaints other then system should update with app but doesn't
Mar 28, 2021
Need alil fix app should match y’all system
Awesome however updates to main system a little slow but great customer service when fixing said issue everything on time three months deep now no complaints other then system should update with app but doesn't
Branch: Banking & Instant Pay - Product Description
Get paid your earned wages and tips instantly, access zero-fee banking, get your full paycheck up to 2 days early!

Branch makes it easy for members to grow their finances with a free mobile digital wallet -- in fact, we’re helping them save thousands of dollars per year on overdraft fees, monthly fees, and ATM fees alone.

Hundreds of thousands of members enjoy the following benefits…

Instant Access to Earned Wages and Tips (available to select employers)

• Free instant access to earned wages, tips and reimbursements
••• Get paid instantly up to 50% of your paycheck when you need it.*

• Up to two-day early full paycheck
••• Switch your direct deposit to Branch and get your full paycheck early.**

Zero-Fee Debit Card Banking

• Zero-fee bank account with Branch’s Mastercard debit card
••• Say goodbye to hidden bank fees, overdrafts and ATM fees.

• Access 40,000+ free ATM’s whenever you need cash
••• Use your debit card across all locations in the United States.

• Instant refund on gas holds at the pump
••• Forget about those pesky pending gas holds and charges from traditional banks.

• Lose your card? Block your card instantly in-app
••• Take control and keep your account secure by locking it.

• Feel safe with top rated EMV chip card security
••• Your data is safe and secure with EMV backed chip card and in app pin security.

Know & Grow Your Budget and Finances

• Real-time transaction and balance notifications
••• Get alerted every time your card is used and stay up to date.

• Easily monitor, budget and save your hard earned money
••• Track your spending habits and get alerts when your balance is low.

• Move money instantly between your other bank accounts
••• Easily transfer money from family or a secondary bank account to Branch.

• Seamlessly update your recurring bills and auto-payments
••• Make Branch your primary account and get rewarded.

• 24/7 helpful and responsive customer support
••• Friendly support from real people that care about growing your personal 

Unlike other financial apps and traditional banking institutions, we have no required fees, interest, credit checks or hidden membership costs.***

Use the funds in your Branch wallet to handle your daily purchases like buying gas, paying your bills, and tackling emergency costs.

Branch helps you avoid late fees, overdrafts and credit card debt!

If you have any questions or comments about a better banking experience, please reach out to us at support@branchapp.com


There is no cost to use the app or Branch debit card. However, you may incur a small fee if you choose to transfer your funds from the Branch account to an external debit card or account instantly.

Timing may vary depending on the employer’s deposit schedule.

Banking Services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. The Branch Mastercard Debit Card is issued by Evolve Bank & Trust pursuant to a license from Mastercard and may be used everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted.
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