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Bricks Ball Crusher - Latest Quality Issues
May 16, 2023
Freezing and Ads…constantly
WAY too many ads. Just to move to the next level, another ad. And the ads freeze a lot. And so does the gameplay. After watching ads to add a life, extra ball, and special additions to try to win a level, the app freezes, I have to close the app, and I lose a life and 3 minutes of my actual life. Frustrating.
May 17, 2023
After every level there's an advert but after the advert it freezes so I need to reset the app after every level !
May 18, 2023
Constantly dealing with charges
The game is fun enough. What I can't stand is the amount of pop-ups the developers have placed as I've been ‘accidentally' charged several times. Normally I catch it quickly and Apple is responsive. This last one they absolutely refused to work with me on.
May 19, 2023
Fix the daily spin
Need to fix the free daily spin rewards! My lucky starts at 78 and only got 15 gems and 6 lives That is stupid!
May 20, 2023
Rough start
This is a fun game. But the ads are really annoying also the game is not beatable. The game goes so far to make you pay for any extras or you have to watch a ad. The Home Screen is covered by so much it makes not even want to play the game. Also the Home Screen has flying gifts that you have to watch a ad for. It's clear the the people that made this game are money hungry. I had this game like 10 minutes and I was already done with it. Do not recommend to anyone.
May 20, 2023
I can't connect with Facebook
I tried to link with my Facebook account to switch from Android to iOS, but I couldn't log in to my account on iOS and the game wouldn't take over. Not improved at all
May 21, 2023
Too many ads
This game would be fun if it weren't for all the ads. And I'm not paying to not see the ads. It's ridiculous!
May 21, 2023
More money demands even though you purchased it
This game is not worth it. I paid for it, bought the app. But at every step there are more money demands, or force you to watch an ad, or some way to make more money out of you. The game could be worth it if they let you play it once you buy it. But the constant tricks to get more out of you are too much! Definitely not worth it.
May 21, 2023
Okay game but the adverts ruin it
It advertises gross games, do not recommend.
Bricks Ball Crusher - Product Description

Welcome to "Bricks Ball Crusher!" We're back with more new content!

Bricks Ball Crusher is a classic and exciting brick game. Just play this game to relax your brain and have fun. This game is fun and challenging.
Just touch on the screen to shoot your physics balls and break the bricks.
Remember, you must break as many bricks as possible to get the highest scores and pass the levels!
We have added many special balls and surprise gifts to help overcome obstacles and get you through tough levels.

We hope that you will fall in love with this game!

Game features:
- A lot of skill balls and skill blocks, waiting for you to explore
- The gift box hides rich and interesting skills.
- 6000+ levels for you to challenge
- Offer different modes, different fun
- Easy to control
- Play without wifi

Download and compete with friends around the world!

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