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Calculator# Hide Photos Videos - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 13, 2021
Premium version paid but not working
I bought the premium version, I got the payment notification but I can't use it. It hangs on a permission request message and does not start. 4.99 thrown away. Don't buy it!
Oct 12, 2021
I lost everything
This app was working really well! Today I went back to check my pictures and documents I saved and all I get is "unfortunately calculator has stopped working " what am I supposed to do then?
Oct 12, 2021
Delete the app and lose all photos?
Oct 11, 2021
In love 😍
The app works wonderfully, it does glitch and you can control the audio as much but besides that it does amazing
Oct 11, 2021
Installation error
It's an app I've already installed, but I can't install increments, which says it's been deleted from the Apple store. How do I get my photos and videos back?
Oct 10, 2021
Doesn’t work since update
Since IOS update to 15 won't load images and crashes constantly
Oct 9, 2021
Develop Please Answere
May you help me? My application already deleted because im moving the cloud, but the data cannot find it. Can i get back my data and how? Thanks
Oct 8, 2021
Can no longer access app
Can someone please help? The tap feature is no longer working on the app. How can I gain access?
Oct 7, 2021
I bought the app and paid premier and still telling me to buy it again after they took my payment.
Calculator# Hide Photos Videos - Product Description
It looks like a Calculator but it secretly hides your confidential Photos, Videos, Documents, Passwords, Notes and To Dos. It disguises itself as a Calculator to make it impossible for prying eyes and hackers from discovering it. It is the most feature-rich app in the market in Security Category.


- Hide Photos and Videos from Gallery (Photos).
- Automatically Deletes them from Gallery (Optional).
- Take Pictures and Videos from Camera.
- Password-Protect Documents and other Files.
- Lock Audios and take Secure Voice Notes.
- WiFi Transfer from PC, Mac or other devices.
- A built-in Web Browser to Download Files.
- A built-in Password Manager and Wallet.
- A built-in Secure Notes and To Do List.
- Backup using Cloud Service like Dropbox.
- Panic Switch, Disguise Mode & Hack Monitoring.
- Calculator, Pin, Password, Pattern & Touch/Face ID.
- Works on iPhone and iPad with GUI for both.

Photos & Videos:
No need to keep your family, private or secret photos & videos in iPhone gallery. The app even deletes these files from your Photos when you move them to the app when needed.

A built-in secret gallery allows you to organize, view and play all your hidden images and videos inside a protected and discreet interface. 

Lock private and confidential audio recordings and conversations and hide specific music files through the phone’s internal storage.

Whether you want to create a list of secret things you keep in your documents or write down your private feelings; you can do so securely with the ‘Notes’ feature. 

Secure your confidential documents. You can transfer them even from your PC or Mac using WiFi transfer or from a built-in browser to your iPhone or iPad.

To Dos:
Every once in a while, we have some tasks we just don't want to be seen by anyone no matter what. This is why we have for you a secret to do list as well.

Create and lockdown sensitive credentials like your website logins, bank accounts, computer logins, credit cards, email accounts, social networks, e-banking, instant messenger etc.

Cloud Backup:
Conveniently backup your locked data into Dropbox. Prevent loss of sensitive data and restore your data in case of loss or theft of device. 

Lost Password Recovery:
You don’t have to worry about forgetting your password. You can conveniently, retrieve your lost password through your registered email. 

Security Locks:
You have the option to setup a Calculator, Touch/Face ID, PIN, Pattern or Password. You can even turn off everything completely.

Panic Switch:
Prevent shoulder surfers and snoopers from seeing your sensitive data, enable panic switch to quickly switch to another app.

Disguise Mode: 
Confuse snoopers by enabling a fake error message box, it displays a fake crash notification to thwart further attempts on hacking your data.

Hack Monitor:
Tells you who has been trying invalid passwords to try to open your vault. Logs all such attempts and shows it to you.

Calculator# is free with ads and limitations and you can purchase it to get fully-functional and ad-free version for just a one-time fee.
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