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CDL Prep Test 2021 - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 22, 2021
The worst app for cdl. I didn’t get the questions they have in the app.
the worst app I used for CDL .. is not even half what I got at the exam… never try this app. you will fail the exam 100%
Oct 19, 2021
I am not dissatified and it has not malfunctioned
Oct 19, 2021
It's infuriating that the ads take over my phone's speaker and I don't have the power to stop it. For that reason I will never use one of your sponsored apps. I will boycott them.
Oct 9, 2021
Fixing a problem
It need to be fix the combination Vehicle questions is mix with the school bus question so please fix the problem
Sep 23, 2021
The app is great. Until you get to the test portion and pay 10 dollars to get asked the same 50 questions every single time! I was loving it till they gipped me outta my money for the same test 8 different times. I would like a refund! That was a cheap move! Cheat! And dishonorable!
Sep 18, 2021
Tests after mastering
I don't know if this was the same for anyone else. But after mastering the general test portion. (Very helpful by the way many questions similar to that of the test and helped a ton). But when it came to testing afterwards (whether it was easy or challenging; the timed versions) each test after unlocking the next one was the exact same questions as the one previously. I mastered the general of several hundred questions just to have the same 50 test after test? Where these supposed to be randomized and there was an issue? Or where is the benefit to unlocking several levels to the tests only to take the same one again.
Sep 17, 2021
Avoid Premium Version
The premium version is marketed as losing the ads (nice, but not a big deal) and adding a bunch of additional tests (very, very helpful if true). Unfortunately the new tests are identical to the test that you can already take. I wish I could get my money back, a complete waste of hard earned dollars.
Sep 3, 2021
I completed the general knowledge and moved on to the test section passed all of the free version then I just paid the 9.99 and all of the test in the test section are asking the same 50 questions over and over for each test .. What seems to be the problem?.. I want a refund please if this cant be fixed
Aug 30, 2021
The questions are rigged because most times they will give you more than one right answer. So you'll be right but it'll still say you're wrong. This was stupidly designed.
CDL Prep Test 2021 - Product Description
As with any license, obtaining a CDL can be a challenging endeavor, but we’re here to help! While the exact questions you will encounter on test day are not made public by the DMV, our free practice questions for the CDL test will give you a feel for the test material, level of difficulty, and types of questions you will encounter when you take the actual exam.

We have designed this practice tool to make learning process super easy and interesting. It’s proven fact that learning new things in proper way helps you remember things quickly and for long-term!

This app includes CDL practice test (CDL study guide) for various categories:
- General Knowledge Test 
- Air Brakes Test 
- Cargo Transport Test 
- Combination Vehicles Test 
- Double Triples Test 
- Hazardous Materials Test 
- On Road Driving Test 
- Passenger Transport Test 
- Pre Trip Inspection Test
- School Bus Test
- Tanker test

Visit our website to practice CDL tests on your PC: https://cdl-prep.com/

This app contains CDL practice questions for the following states:

Alabama DPS, Alaska DMV, Arizona MVD, Arkansas OMV, California DMV, Colorado DMV, Connecticut DMV, District of Columbia DMV, Delaware DMV, Florida DHSMV, Georgia DDS, Hawaii DMV, Idaho DMV, Illinois SOS, Indiana BMV, Iowa DMV, Kansas DMV, Kentucky DMV, Louisiana OMV, Maine BMV, Maryland MVA, Massachusetts RMV, Michigan SOS, Minnesota DVS, Mississippi DMV, Missouri DOR, Montana MVD,Nebraska DMV,Nevada DMV,New Hampshire DMV, New Jersey MVC, New Mexico MVD, New York DMV, North Carolina DMV, North Dakota NDDOT, Ohio BMV, Oklahoma DPS, Oregon DMV, Pennsylvania DMV, Rhode Island DMV, South Carolina DMV, South Dakota DMV, Tennessee DOS, Texas DMV, Utah DMV, Vermont DMV, Virginia DMV, Washington DOL, West Virginia DMV, Wisconsin DMV, Wyoming DOT

We are not associated with any DMV. This app is not intended to be relied upon in any dispute, claim, action, proceeding or for legal advice. For official law descriptions and administrative centers, please consult the respective state body. It is also highly recommended that new drivers take an approved driver education course to learn the rules and laws of the road, and to develop responsible driving habits.
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