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Free ColorMe Call & Ringtones Helper - Latest Quality Issues
May 24, 2021
It made me pay when I entered the app and I paid cause i really wanted an effect, but when I downloaded the effects they didn't even work!!!
May 22, 2021
Sucks 😡
As soon as I got this game it asked me to buy things. THIS APP SUCKS DONT GET IT IF I COULD I WOULD RATE IT 0 STARS >:C
May 21, 2021
Omg pleats why not free you have to buy it?? Wow please at least make 2 free god
May 20, 2021
What does it make to put an air mixture if you have to pay for it?
I don't see what makes sense in any case if you want to use a must pay
May 19, 2021
Don't download
It says "start free trail" but when you press it it says "110 KR/week"
May 17, 2021
I can't get past the unlimited access page you should really put that down and let people enjoy the app
May 16, 2021
Don’t buy this app!
Everything was fine until i tried to get the ringtone when it said loading... for 2 hours and 23 minutes straight while I kept tapping it while it was charging. No, this is not just my internet, I EVEN GOT A FRICKING PHONE REPAIRER PERSON! Never trust things that sound too good to be true 👿
May 16, 2021
:My review:
I would give this more that a 1 star, but it makes you buy everything and you can't use the app without the free trail or buying it, And because it makes you pay 10$ a weak.
May 16, 2021
It shouldn’t cost money
I don't really think this should cost money, it's really dumb if you make it cost money, it said all wallpapers and ringtones, we don't need all of them, we could get some of them. And if people wanted ones that cost money, then they could get ones that cost money, you should allow us to use it on any texting app as well, and if it's for 12+ then it still shouldn't cost money, I was really excited to get this but I won't be getting it now. Sorry and this could help you with your app if you want better reviews and more people to buy it. I would love this app tho.
Free ColorMe Call & Ringtones Helper - Product Description
Get bored with your call screen? Install ColorMe Call NOW and get various beautiful color call themes! We provide a large number of popular resources that picked and designed by professional designers, you can easily find what you want here.

Here are the categories we have: Anime, Abstract, Dope, Space, Animal, Nature, Fun, and more categories are on the way! In addition, these pictures can be set as wallpapers either. All you need to do is choose your favorite color theme and click the Apply!

ColorMe Call also allows you to personalize your call screen with your own photos with our amazing templates. All of these templates can only be seen in ColorMe Call. Simply set the customized screen for any your contact by their photos.

In addition to the color call, ColorMe Call also offer a large number of quality ringtones. We have 15 categories of ringtones, so you can hear all kinds of music. Our categories include iPhone Remix, Pop, Animal, Comedy, Romantic, Game, Country, Classic, Electronic, Rock, Dance, Jazz, Hiphop, Blues and so on.All Ringtones are clipped within 90 seconds, so that you can easily cut it to the length you want.

ColorMe Call is also a powerful application for ringtone maker. We provide 3 ways to help you make a satisfying ringtone. We know the fact that installing a ringtone is not easy for newbies, so we set a simple and detailed guidance to make it easier for you. If you missed the guide, you can click the profile tab to review it.

- Tons of color call themes. Decorate your screen with the trendy pictures!
- Set color call and wallpaper at the same time, our resources can also be set as wallpapers.
- DIY color call with your own photo! ColorMe Call offers abundant templates to personalized your call screen.
- Abundant ringtone gallery. Different ringtone categories to satisfy your taste.
- Record your sound. Make ringtones by recording your own sounds.
- Powerful ringtone maker: cutting, fade in, fade out, etc
- Easy to use! Detailed guidance and simple function help you create your own works easily.
- Update regularly. More color pictures and ringtones will be updated lately!

Install ColorMe Call and enjoy your new call screen and ringtones now!


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