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comics and cartoon maker - Latest Quality Issues
Aug 9, 2023
Almost bought it but the obnoxious ad popups was such a huge turn off that I decided to scratch the whole app. DEVELOPERS, you catch more ants with sugar than you do with vinegar! Seemed like a great app for the 45 seconds that I looked at it and had to wade thru 4 or 5 stupid popups. Then to make mattets worse, you want to nickle and dime me to take sway the ads, then filters, then something else. ENOUGH!! How about, buy the app for 5-6 bucks and get all the updates with no ads! I would have!
Aug 10, 2023
Completely unusable! And way too much advertising. As soon as you want to undo something, you first have to watch ads.
Aug 20, 2023
I hate such applications where they lie from pictures
Aug 22, 2023
Everything is Fine But the only Problem is whenever i write a long paragraph It doesn't fits in the frame and that's so rediculous and irritating Pls Solve the Problem and it will be a perfect Manga Maker ❤️
Aug 26, 2023
Lots of advertisements, lack of options.
Aug 28, 2023
Very useful and easy to use. Too bad there are no other fonts and effects, not even paid
Sep 1, 2023
As someone just starting panel making, this helps a lot. Buggy at times, and a little too many ads, but worth it. If you could add a scene creator function, that'd be great.
Sep 4, 2023
I have bought all the content of the app and now that I install it on a new device I get ads again. I need help from the developer.
Sep 24, 2023
I hate this app! In the middle of making one of my comics when I tap on a picture I want to choose it just kicked me out of the app and didn't save it! I don't recommend this app
comics and cartoon maker - Product Description
Comica is a free, easy-to-use app that turns photos into comics/cartoons. You can select any picture from your gallery, or take a new one through the app. After you choose your filter, you can add speech balloons to achieve an even more convincing “comic effect”. This is the easiest way to “cartoon yourself” you can find online.

How does it work? 

* Download Comica
* Choose an option - take a photo or browse your gallery
* Pick the photo effect best fitting your freshly created cartoon
* Add speech balloons in the picture
* Save and share with your friends

Comica is also the perfect meme creator. Adding speech balloons in pictures is now possible with a few swipes and a little bit of creativity. 

Why choose Comica? 

* Easy-to-use
* The app is light and it runs smoothly on any phone
* Legit looking comics effect
* You can create your own memes
* Comika is a free app

This comic foto app is meant to be easy to use and its simple design guarantees great user experience. Also, it runs lightly and even older smartphones won’t have problems with it. The “photo to cartoon” option is free, as well as the speech balloons, but if you want to bring things to the next level, you can purchase additional features from the “Big Sale” section. Are you a “big spender”? Even if you are not, you are definitely fit to fully enjoy this photo to comics app. 

Whether you want to have fun with your friends or you are just a comics lover looking for “cartoon yourself” free apps, Comica is definitely worth downloading. Get it, try it, and enjoy yourself.
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