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CreditRepair - Latest Quality Issues
May 31, 2021
So far 3 negative items have been removed within a month. Thanks Credit Repair
May 19, 2021
Horrible. I cancel my subscription day nefore it was set to renewel and has a hard time and they still keep trying to charge me hundred and i got less service than i already did on own contwctung the company direct
May 14, 2021
I hav had 29 negative things removed from my credit report
May 4, 2021
I had difficulties getting into my account at first after I talk to a supervisor everything was okay
May 3, 2021
FICA down 20, under your watch & paying $25 monthly
FICA down 20 this month under your watch from 810 and paying $25 a month is a waste.
Apr 30, 2021
Absolutely terrible
Absolutely terrible company. I couldn't even sign up online because the fees and services are very unclear and misleading. The representative I spoke with on the phone gave me false information regarding their program just to get me to sign up. When I spoke to a supervisor about it, she was very disrespectful, dismissive, and said that I “must have misunderstood him.” I was then overcharged for my monthly service fee by $25. When I called, I received no remediation for this, and was told there was nothing they could do because they had already done work to all 3 bureaus - which is only done on a more expensive plan. The plan I was initially signed up for apparently only focuses on “one bureau per quarter” - so they took it upon themselves to “upgrade me” to a more expensive service agreement without my permission and over charged me. WHAT A SCAM!!! Please do your research and do not do business with these people!!!
Apr 27, 2021
Do yourself a favor and do not do business with this company. They will take your money and deliver 0 results. They have taken $400 dollars from me and and delivered nothing. I was promised 100 percent satisfaction or my money back, and when I called to get my money back cause they haven't done anything I was told there would be no money back. Please do not waste your time or money.
Apr 26, 2021
A bit expensive and not seeing the results promised
Apr 25, 2021
Was lied to buy the pushy sales guy claiming they would be helping remove inquires since I don't actually have anything negative on my credit. Turns out they charged me over $100 and then I found out I have to print off all these letters and mail them off myself, use my own postage....not sure what the hell they actually charged me to do because they are not doing anything.
CreditRepair - Product Description
Follow your credit repair progress with the all new CreditRepair.com app. Take advantage of a variety of tools to help understand and improve your credit, right from your mobile device.
How credit repair works?
We challenge your questionable negative items with all three bureaus, ensuring your credit reports are accurate and fair.
We ask your creditors to verify the negative items they’re reporting. If they can’t, they are required by law to stop reporting them.
We continue to watch your credit, addressing additional issues as they arise so that you can stay on track and reach your goals.

-  New Updated User Interface
-  New Biometric login (fingerprint or Face ID), forgot password process, and the ability to
    create your username and password using the app
-  New Dashboard customized based on service level
-  Score tracker and analysis
-  Personalized game plan
-  View your total items removed
-  View your current Creditor interventions
-  View your current Credit Bureau Challenges
-  View your current credit alerts

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