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Darkroom: Photo & Video Editor - Latest Quality Issues
Nov 18, 2022
Don’t update
I used to love Darkroom but it was a cheap move to take away most of the filters and now only make them available under subscriptions. They never mentioned that in the update note. Horrible ethics
Nov 20, 2022
A star not to rate the apps - but the process. Despite the fact that it was purchased previously, one is harassed to subscribe to a new version again paid. Super painful. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to rework my videos - but not anymore - why? Please let those who bought your app be able to use it freely - even without the new paid features, that would be more honest of you. Waiting for your info on this subject.
Nov 21, 2022
Unfortunately it keeps crashing
Editing photos works great. Exporting, however, doesn't work often, it keeps crashing and refuses to export the edited image, stuck at 100%, when the indicator shows only a portion of the circle complete. Then the app just closes.
Nov 21, 2022
Photos editing extension discontinued
My favorite part of Darkroom was the Photos Editing Extension and now it's discontinued. This was a tool I paid for when I first purchased the app and now it's gone. I don't edit my photos much so a quick filter was all I needed. It was mostly glitchy so I thought they would fix it and bring it back but nope.
Nov 23, 2022
Not working with family sharing.
The app itself is quite good, so much so that I thought I would pay for the yearly subscription. Unfortunately after subscribing I found the subscription wasn't working on my iPad even though I had family sharing turned on and the subscription was showing up. This is one of the reasons I was using it, as it says it would work with family sharing on the website. I emailed the company but had zero response after 3 days so I cancelled my subscription.
Nov 24, 2022
Can't select any picture
Nov 24, 2022
30% BF deal! Do the maths!
The BF deal is 30% off the yearly subscription. The price shown is £17.49…this is not 30% of the normal price of £19.99. Very misleading. I'd love to be be able to review the App but not with a misleading offer!
Nov 26, 2022
Superb Photo editor marred by dangerous bugs
I love the interface and I do not want to stop using it: It's great and intuitive to use. I'm giving 4* at the moment, not 5* mainly because of a number of potentially dangerous bugs, which might cause loss of edits or edits applied or photos being wrongly discarded. Everything you can do with Apple's editor you can do with this App, but better, faster and with more accurate edits. It is also excellent for curation because (unlike Apple) it can show a photos details, filesize and resolution etc. There are also things in this app that can't be done with the Apple photo editor. There's a useful mask set and you can batch edit/crop/rotate a set of photos. The 2 things that put me off is the moment are: The appalling inconsistency between photo-edited/exported flags in the edit-screen-side-photo-strip and in the thumbnail flags on the library view. Inconsistent and dangerous photo views and photo details shown in the edit screen. For instance, moving from one photo to the next by repeatedly flicking-right/left may not move the photo shown properly in the photo strip, which has a dangerous impact on the displayed photo status. Further, using the photo strip to move from photo to photo by tapping on it may not result in the correct photo or details being shown. This may not be apparent, if you have a lot of very similar photos such as burst mode sequences or other photo sets, for instance. You can end up applying the wrong edits to the wrong photo. In addition to the above there has been a long standing bug whereby if a photo is deleted from the photo edit screen, the photo that is shown correctly is the next photo after the one deleted, but the details of the deleted photo are shown instead of the correct next photo details. This might be the key to understanding why the flag/film-strip/photo-displayed results are inconsistent on the edit screen. It seems there might be an issue for a photo, especially after changes have been made to the previous photo. I've got plenty more bugs like this to notify, and I would do so more methodically, if only I was on the latest iPadOS version. You have been warned. I have been known to write code professionally myself though not on this platform and I'm retired. If I were part of Darkroom's development team, I would be suggesting an urgent review of the consistency of the photo movement and edit/export flags shown code on the edit screen. In fairness to the Darkroom team, it may be that iPadOS is misreporting details and the fault is not with the Darkroom code. I'm using this app on an iPad mini at iPadOS 14.8.1. I might find if I upgraded to iPadOS 15.7.1 these issues would disappear, but I am not in a position to do this uograde yet. My files are either jpg or png, so I'm not a professional photographer either, but I do have 1,000s of photos. It is a testament to the basic design of this app that a small iPad device, with limited RAM can achieve acceptable results at all. But, please team, do urgently review your photo selection and flag setting code.
Nov 27, 2022
Not even comparing, on iphone is much better this application, on android is painful, horrendous shades and almost all the same, as well as, nn you understand why, nn there are shades of black and white, absurd ... Much better to leave the photos without editing, because the results with this app are painful...
Darkroom: Photo & Video Editor - Product Description
Darkroom is a premium photo & video editor that is easy to use by casual photographers, yet powerful enough for the pros. 

** Winner of Apple Design Award in 2020 **
** Best of the App Store 2015 **

Available as a Universal app on iPhone, iPad, and macOS Big Sur with deep integration into all of the latest features.


All the tools you need to bring your photos to life are Live Photos, RAW images, and Portrait images offered for free, available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

VIDEO EDITOR (Darkroom+ Subscription)
Ridiculously fast and simple realtime color grading. All our filters and editing tools are video-compatible, including batch processing.

CURVES & SELECTIVE COLOR TOOLS (Darkroom+ Subscription)
This is the heart and soul of Darkroom: The most usable Curves and Selective Color tools on iOS. A dance of functionality, simplicity, and power.

Edit the foreground and background of your Portrait photos separately. Customize the blur in your Portrait photos, or the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation of your foreground / background separately.

Edit RAW photos at their full resolution and the recover the full range of details in the shadows and highlights.

Our complete suite of album management tools allow you to organize your library extremely quickly. Every action in Darkroom applies to your iCloud Photo Library!

The same tools that professional photographs use to create filters. Edit any of the built-in or premium filters to suit them to your needs, or create your own from scratch.

All your photos are instantly available. Darkroom does not have an import step.

Apply edits and filters to many photos at once. Favorite/Delete/Hide many images with a single tap.

Create sets of hashtags that you can export with one-tap from anywhere: Home screen, Today widget, Export sheet, and more. Create your own Siri Shortcuts to copy all your favorite hashtags from any app.

Your Darkroom+ membership will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go to your Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions to manage your membership and turn auto-renew off. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed.

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