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DCU Banking - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 17, 2021
The app is horrible. Dcu is alright, but the app is absolutely horrendous. Making a payment is difficult, setting up accounts is not clear. Literally the only two things 90% of people will be using the app for. It's 2021, far beyond time to start investing in a good IT team, especially when you branches are closed because of a pandemic. I shouldn't have to tell you this at this point in history. This should just be general knowledge. Very disappointing.
Jun 9, 2021
Cant verify because the app fails to send the sms code.
Jun 9, 2021
APP not working
App not working due to iPhone software upgrade. Pls push updates to app to support the updated software
Jun 2, 2021
Doesn’t send a verification code, but requires it to log in
Logging in requires a verification code sent. It says to select an option of verification methods, but does not list any options so you are unable to use the app.
May 31, 2021
Never sends 2FA code
I'm sure it's a great app, but unlike the web client which I can actually login with on safari, asking for a 2FA code on the mobile app never actually sends one. Can't use the app at all, but the credit union is otherwise great. 2 stars.
May 25, 2021
App works great !
New customer and app works great! As others reported, it wouldn't let me log in at first. The 2FA was broken. I did live chat not expecting much, but I shared a screenshot and they sent it to the mobile team. And now it's working. Love all the functionality and looking forward to opening more accounts with DCU. Thanks DCU!!!
May 21, 2021
Unable to open up an account it was locked/stuck on processing so long it kicked me out and i have not been able to get it finished because of you guys
May 18, 2021
Issues with face ID
After phon update I am unable to turn on face ID for the app. Checked all settings and re-downloaded. The slider will not light up.
May 14, 2021
Deposit/password issues
Trying to deposit a check that I just received and I keep getting an error that the check is folded. It is not folded. I just opened it straight from the letter and tried the app. Never had an issue before with depositing checks even when I had old checks sitting around in my drawer. Update- I had changed my password since it has been a long time since I have and now the app won't even take my new password. This app hasn't been updated in a year
DCU Banking - Product Description
DCU’s Mobile Banking App gives you quick, convenient access to most Online Banking features from nearly anywhere!

Not a DCU member yet? Download the DCU Mobile Banking App today and open your membership right from your phone.

Here are just some of things you can do:

Manage Your DCU Accounts:

⁃ View balances, current and pending transactions, and account history
⁃ Transfer between your primary and joint accounts
⁃ Make payments to any of your DCU loans
⁃ Transfer balances from other credit cards to your DCU Visa® Platinum Card

Make Payments:

⁃ Add, remove, and schedule payments to billers with Bill Pay
⁃ Transfer money easily to friends and family using People Pay
⁃ Make one-time or recurring payments to your DCU loans and accounts from other institutions with Payment Center
⁃ Add your DCU Visa Debit and Credit Cards to Wallet to use with Apple Pay®

Account Manager:

⁃ Update your contact information 
⁃ Manage Quick Balance accounts
⁃ Add DCU members to your cross account transfer list
⁃ Add Travel Notifications to your account to let us know you’ll be using your cards outside of your normal purchase areas
⁃ Apply for loans and take advantage of loan pre-approval offers

Deposit Checks:

⁃ Skip the branch and make check deposits from anywhere*


⁃ View important messages and account alerts from DCU

Locate and Contact Us:

⁃ Find branches and ATMs nearby 
⁃ Contact a DCU Representative by phone or email

*Upon approval. All deposits are subject to DCU’s Funds Availability Policy.
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