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DMV Practice Test Master - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 14, 2021
Pathetic app. Cant even open it
Jun 8, 2021
Will not let me practice hazmat at all it just starts automatically with double and triples trailer section. Tried everything I could to get to the hazmat part but I couldn't get there.
May 22, 2021
The app makes the words very confusing you are not able to go back and check what you miss and got wrong I do not recommend this practice app once you finish the test you're not able to look at it or it will freezes with the blank page on it and then you try to go back and then you don't know if you pass or fail so do not get this one I will be testing other apps and games and see how great from 11 from 1 to 10 this one will be at level 2 because it has the practice buy you're not able to see it
May 6, 2021
I couldn't get the app to open .
May 1, 2021
Why the reviewed answers change when you go back into it?!? How am i going to study 51 questions if it consistently changes
Apr 28, 2021
Absolutely horrible super inaccurate i got 100%s on all the tests on here but when i took my test i knew nothing at all. I spent hours studying DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
Apr 27, 2021
Thanks to this app! I take my test and I pass at the first try.
Apr 14, 2021
Tried taking a test and it said "preparing test" which is fine I dont mind waiting, but it never prepares my test. I sat there for 10 minutes waiting to take a practice test that never appeared, thank you for wasting my time.
Apr 12, 2021
App is ok but the test questions dont match the topic.
DMV Practice Test Master - Product Description
Appearing for DMV test? Bored studying with DMV Handbook? You are at the right place. Download this free application for your Car, Motorcycle or CDL DMV test.

Practice tests are designed by experts from official state-specific DMV Handbook.

Why DMV Practice Test Master?
We have designed this practice tool to make learning process super easy and interesting. It’s proven fact that learning new things in proper way helps you remember things quickly and for long-term! Ideally, Learning process can be broken into Reading, Practicing and Revising. Keeping this in mind, we have divided this application in following modules:

Learning (Reading) Mode:
- Question loads with correct answer and explanation. 
- Helps you to prepare for practice tests.

Practice Mode:
- Similar to real exam simulator.
- Practice with timer. 
- Real time answer evaluation.
- Skip question to attempt it later.
- Review performance after test. 

- Bookmark question to revise it later.

Revision Bucket:
- Wrong answered question will be added to challenge bank automatically.
- Revision Bucket questions can be loaded as test to master them.

Other features:
- State specific practice tests for your state.
- Test are divided in proper sections to prepare well.
- Google and Facebook Sign in for quick access.
- Allows to create profile for maintaining detailed performance history.

Don’t like ads?
- Get AdFree access for onetime payment.

This app contains DMV Practice Test for the following states:

Alabama DPS, Alaska DMV, Arizona MVD, Arkansas OMV, California DMV, Colorado DMV, Connecticut DMV, District of Columbia DMV, Delaware DMV, Florida DHSMV, Georgia DDS, Hawaii DMV, Idaho DMV, Illinois SOS, Indiana BMV, Iowa DMV, Kansas DMV, Kentucky DMV, Louisiana OMV, Maine BMV, Maryland MVA, Massachusetts RMV, Michigan SOS, Minnesota DVS, Mississippi DMV, Missouri DOR, Montana MVD,Nebraska DMV,Nevada DMV,New Hampshire DMV, New Jersey MVC, New Mexico MVD, New York DMV, North Carolina DMV, North Dakota NDDOT, Ohio BMV, Oklahoma DPS, Oregon DMV, Pennsylvania DMV, Rhode Island DMV, South Carolina DMV, South Dakota DMV, Tennessee DOS, Texas DMV, Utah DMV, Vermont DMV, Virginia DMV, Washington DOL, West Virginia DMV, Wisconsin DMV, Wyoming DOT

We are not associated with any DMV. This app is not intended to be relied upon in any dispute, claim, action, proceeding or for legal advice. For official law descriptions and administrative centers, please consult the respective state body. It is also highly recommended that new drivers take an approved driver education course to learn the rules and laws of the road, and to develop responsible driving habits.

For any query or feedback, you can reach us at https://iexamguru.com/driving-guru/support
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