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DoFasting - Fasting Tracker - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 22, 2021
To be avoided
Despite the cancellation, I still receive requests for charges. Fortunately I replaced the credit card: but they continue undaunted to try to charge me for a service that, for some time, I have tried to cancel in every way
Oct 21, 2021
Very bad I have been charged after having uninstalled the application that bad !
Oct 20, 2021
Total garbage! You can't save meals nutrition information for meals, you have to re-enter it every day. You have to re-enter meal titles every week. You can't enter something you forgot for previous days. It freezes sometimes when entering end fasting info. You can't adjust you daily nutrition intake requirements. I'm using it now to keep track of Weight Watcher points and continue to track my protein, water, and weight...since I paid for it. No need for a paper book or WW membership that way.
Oct 18, 2021
"An error has occured" any time you adjust fasting/eating times. Skips entire days of information.
Oct 16, 2021
Don’t expect refund
I had this app for less than ten minutes. Paid $40 for three months access. It's pretty much just a timer. Gives you times to eat and times to not eat. Also has a few other things like articles and fitness tracker but no way worth the money when you can get all of that for free. When I tried to cancel, I was given the option of a 50% refund only. And they let me know they were doing me a favor. So…no free trial. When you click pay, your money is hijacked. And it's definitely not worth it!
Oct 16, 2021
App not free
Dear, do not put the application for free, and if I use it, it forces me to subscribe. This method is unprofessional and ethical
Oct 16, 2021
I love the timing, the variety of the fasts. The notifications are simple. I hate the way you log food; there aren't enough options, it takes forever, and I feel the calories listed are not accurate.
Oct 15, 2021
Absolutely the worst diet app I've experienced. No barcode scanner. Connects to Fitbit but only steps. Takes way too much time to fill in calories. Could only get a partial refund and had to fight for that. Based in Lithuania. Caution!
Oct 15, 2021
Doesn’t work. Total waste of money. Want refund.
I haven't been able to get the app to work since installing it. Complete waste of money. Very unhappy.
DoFasting - Fasting Tracker - Product Description
Welcome to DoFasting! Enjoy a game-changing approach to intermittent fasting and get a combination of all its benefits in one easy-to-use app.

DoFasting will guide you through your daily fasting schedule, serve as a fitness trainer, keep you motivated, and offer useful tips as well as diet and workout tricks.


- Make your fasting schedule easy and 100% successful with daily DoFasting guidance.
- Set a flexible fasting schedule, start eating healthier with quick meal prep recipes, and get sweating with home-workout video tutorials!
- Every day, you’ll get daily motivation boosts and useful fitness, intermittent fasting tips to reduce your dietary uncertainty to zero and lose weight the easy way.

Whether you’ve been fasting for years or just taking the very first steps towards a healthier lifestyle – DoFasting will help you find the best fasting mode fitted to your needs.

Not everyone can handle a 24-hour fast, but 10 hours might not be enough. The DoFasting app offers the most popular intermittent fasting options so that everyone can find the one they can stick to for life.

Challenge mode:
Up for a challenge? Curious to find out how your body could change in 7, 14, or 28 days? The challenge mode gives you a set daily agenda with fasting hours and lots of useful advice on healthy nutrition, habit formation, and exercise. Join challenges, test your limits, and move on to “Custom mode” whenever you’re ready!

Custom mode:
It is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. It’s highly customizable yet equally challenging – more options for difficult fasts, more flexibility to fast YOUR way!


Successful intermittent fasting depends heavily on eating at certain times to keep metabolism high and the body burning calories. Our meal recommendations are tailored to your caloric needs, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle:

- Select and save your favorite meals.
- Use our calorie counter to make your diet even more effective and fasting easy.
- Access the whole healthy meal database at once.
- Stop food cravings and start planning meals for the body of your dreams.
- Enjoy delicious diet food that is chosen by experienced health professionals and nutritionists, designed to keep your calorie intake checked.
- Get into the habit of healthy eating and intermittent fasting.
- Speed up your weight loss and health progress.
Calorie tracker:
Log your calorie intake to know exactly how much fat, carbohydrates, and protein you get from each meal, and make your fasting more efficient! Also, the app integrates HealthKit to track your step data and calories burned.

Weight tracking program:
Start tracking your weight loss, calorie reduction, and fitness progress from the very first day and get fit without paying for the gym!

Water tracker:
Stay properly hydrated at all times! Set daily goals and track your water intake to help your health!

Step tracker:
Walking is a great workout. Track your steps to see how fast you're getting to your weight loss goals!
The DoFasting workouts are specifically designed for those who fast. They aid in the weight loss process by getting the heart pumping and increasing the resting metabolic rate so that you burn calories all day, even in your sleep.

- Set up your workout schedule, choose a fitness cardio level.
- Lose weight without spending money on the gym.
- Enjoy professionally visualized training routines – warm-ups, workout planners, and cardio stretching guides.
- Set up your sports plan according to your recommended calorie intake.
- Choose your body’s fitness level.
- Complete healthy and professional training as well as exercise routines to get fit.
- Gain lean muscles and boost your intermittent fasting results.

Terms and Conditions: https://dofasting.com/general-conditions
Privacy Policy: https://dofasting.com/privacy-policy
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