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Dollywood - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 17, 2021
Will not show ride wait times
Jun 13, 2021
Not accurate. Says rides are 5 minutes when they are 30.
Jun 9, 2021
Can't login to access tickets. Clicking the ticket link just takes me to the website
May 20, 2021
Useless for planning
Doesn't save your profile or planning your visit/ lists. Useless app.
May 17, 2021
Inaccurate info, we walked to the restaurant we wanted based on the map and it didn't tell us it was closed, map is also very confusing, please make it more user friendly and please please please put in accurate info.
May 6, 2021
Give Disney a Run for Their Money!
Dollywood said they were going to give Disney a run for its money. Each year it's bigger and better and has succeeded in my book (Christmas lights!!) with the exception of this terrible app. This seems to be a web-based platform because some links send you to an external website. As other reviewers said, it does not save your profile information or create a permanent profile on the app that is linked to your Dollywood account. I can't purchase tickets or see my passes unless I type the pass number in every time. I'd really love to see Dollywood rival their competitors by updating their app. Make it functional and maybe even offers incentives. I'd like to save my profile lists and I'd consider the app excellent if I could: Plan my trip at least a month in advance and save my park plan. Make Season pass-holder day reservations (COVID-19) on the APP and SAVE them. Make dining reservations on the app. (Dollywood does not do this currently. Maybe offer as an incentive for pass holders?) Order food while in the park- go straight to the pick-up line. Create a filter to show tables and sitting areas where you can eat. It gets busy. Link all Dollywood parks and stays with my account. (Resort, cabin, anything I purchased with my experience- Dixie Stampede, Pink Jeep Tours, etc.) Make spa and dining reservations at the Dreammore resort See other members in my group linked to my account when they're also logged in to the app Purchase upgrades and rentals(even while I'm in the park.) (i.e. timesaver passes, meal passes, cabana rentals, stroller/mobility assistance rentals, doggywood reservations.) Keep photos from all visits together under my profile on the app Accept a return reservation time for tintype photos instead of waiting in line Show me where I parked Link an apple wallet/google pay/etc payment format to pay from phone so I don't need a wallet. Make the app interact throughout the park with special points of interest.
Apr 30, 2021
Just as good a a paper map
I would love to say the app is great. The wait times is nice. Being able to see what is open on a given day is also nice. But ...... I tried to login and save my park pass, schedule etc. After all the work you close the app to save battery power, reopen it to find that nothing saved. So long story short, it works great if you don't close the app while you are at the park with the app open the whole time.
Apr 27, 2021
Not good
Have to re-enter pass holder information several times a day. Will not retain any information that I store longer than several hours before it erases my “plan your visit” and personal info.
Apr 9, 2021
Wait times
The estimated wait times were way off. The wait time was 20-25 minutes LONGER than the estimated time! It is due to all the fast pass people who go ahead. They alternate the fast pass people with the regular line. Takes forever to get through the lines because of the fast pass holders If I ever come here again I'll purchase fast pass. It would be worth every $
Dollywood - Product Description
Download, use and enjoy this app to discover Dollywood at your fingertips like never before!

In the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Dollywood offers an incredible experience for the entire family, including over 40 rides and
attractions, seasonal festivals and award-winning shows and food.  

The Dollywood App ensures you maximize every moment with unique features such as:

Wayfinding Map –
Use our wayfinding map to navigate over 150 acres of fun throughout Dollywood.  Find the best route to rides,
attractions, theaters, museums and shops to experience Dollywood to the fullest!

Show Schedules –
Never miss a show with our show schedule!  The show schedule displays artists, acts and
performance times at each theater and venue throughout Dollywood.

Ride Wait Times –
Make the most of each moment at Dollywood with ride wait times! Once you’re inside the park, ride wait times help you plan your day by displaying current estimated wait times for our most popular rides.

Exclusive Offers – 
Reap the benefits of exclusive offers on food and shopping - Only available to you
when you download.  

Customize Your Experience - 
Chart your day your way. Create customized lists of all the Rides, Attractions, Shows and Restaurants you wish to 
experience during your visit, and cross them off your list once you've seen them!
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