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Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 25, 2021
So No Good
I Don't Have Everything. It Only Comes With Only 1 Free Tool. This Game Is So Bad. Pls Unlock Everything And Update The Game!
Oct 21, 2021
The game is fun, but I'm not going to unlock it, but it's the same even if I reboot a few times.
Oct 17, 2021
That's the way it is. But I haven't downloaded yet
Oct 15, 2021
I do not like it because I can't join and I want to play and it says I need permission
Oct 13, 2021
It says i cant get the game and why cant i get it its really frustrating please help me and find a way to get it
Sep 30, 2021
Hello? I'm a bodtener. I laid the dakter panda restaurant today, but from the first time, there is no sign. So I did four stars. Then anignon-^^♡♡♡
Sep 25, 2021
I do not like tei pq temp stay up to 49 minute bra emdra o ti in 👎🏻☝🏻
Sep 25, 2021
It's very boring everything is locked and you must pay don't download it's a waste of time
Sep 25, 2021
The reason why i give the app a 4 star rating because the was loading so damn slow
Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 - Product Description
Be the world's best chef! Get cooking and serve delicious dishes! Show off your culinary creativity to impress your hungry diners, get rewarded and progress to become a real master chef!

Put on your apron and start the cooking as you get familiar with your fully equipped kitchen! Raid the refrigerator to collect your ingredients and begin preparing your favorite foods. Chop, bake, fry or BBQ, add condiments to customize and serve a perfect culinary creation! 

It's all up to you as you learn to run your own restaurant! Welcome your hungry diners and introduce them to your delicious menu. Find the dish that's right for them, serve their order as they wanted and earn coins for making your customers happy! Will you be able to progress to master chef?

Meet all of Dr. Panda's fun friends in this exciting new game. Enjoy the beautiful animations and the fun reactions! Cook up some crazy food combinations or sneak a few extra chilies on their pizza and share some giggles as they gobble it all up. 

Key Features:
- Unleash your creativity and be the best chef in the world.
- Over 20 ingredients and condiments to choose from! 
- Learn how to run your very own restaurant!
- Make pizzas, burgers, pasta and more!
- Be rewarded and level up for your culinary talent!
- Master all the different kitchen tools! 
- Play at your own pace with no time limits! 
- Fun for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults alike.
- Safe for kids! COPPA compliant and no third party ads
- Try Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 for free!

Educational Values:
- Kids learn basic cooking methods for different types of recipes.  
- Get familiar with different ingredients and handy cooking tools.  
- Become receptive to customer's facial responses based on what they like and don't like.   
- Kids can role-play and develop storytelling skills.

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Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 is a free educational game for kids offering in-app purchases to unlock additional content. These are one-time purchases which will permanently unlock the content for your account. Please check your device settings for more detailed parental options regarding in-app purchases, and feel free to contact us at support@drpanda.com if you have feedback or concerns.

Privacy Policy 
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Dr. Panda is a developer of games for kids. We develop games with educational values that help kids learn about the world. All of our games are safe and do not contain inappropriate content.

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