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Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 16, 2021
This app is super great and the premium for 3 months isn't that expensive . I love this app but I gave it 4 stars because I cannot purchase the premium the app is available in my country but somehow I can't make my purchase and it is upsetting , I am fine with having to buy the premium but the thing is I can't purchase it . I hope I can make my purchase soon because I really love this app and this actually makes me invested in learning Korean .
Jun 16, 2021
Please get Turkish language support. I think it's a good application, apart from the lack of Turkish language support. I hope everyone tries to learn Korean learns Korean and goes to Korea. Achievements! Please come with Turkish language support. I think it is a nice application except that there is no Turkish language support. I hope everyone who tries to learn Korean learns Korean and goes to Korea. Achievements! The rest is random. LDNFHDLLSNFBFIDPELFNBXKSÐPRJFBXLAÜEFKBFIEPQÜQSXMJCODĞWWELFNFPSSSDMMXÖSSSFFFFKESHÖDMGLY
Jun 15, 2021
I'll give this a three star because of the other ratings here but this did not really teach me Korean it just taught me how to be patient you know why guys the first time I opened this it loaded until 1 and a half hour have passed so ~~~ you know
Jun 11, 2021
This is an amazing app . I have learnt alot from this , I used it for 2days after that it was saying to unlock this we should leave it for 24 hrs, I left it for 24 hr but after that all the chapters locked and it was showing to buy the premium . Pls atleast unlock the basic of koren language/hangeul . I will be very satisfied if u unlock them ☺️.
Jun 7, 2021
It was amazing but suddenly on hangul 2nd lesson it asked to pay which I got sad otherwise it is recommended
Jun 7, 2021
Receiving ebooks when purchasing premium subscription is clickbait?
The concept of the app is good and quite fun, so I decided to purchase a premium subscription mainly because of the ebooks. Unfortunately, I did not receive the ebooks and I've contacted them twice. No response at all. I think offering ebooks is just a clickbait action in order to attract more people to purchase a premium subscription. Downside of this app or the learning method of the app is that you can't set any learning goals, or have a good overview of what you've learned so far.
Jun 6, 2021
It's a greate app iv'e been using it for almost 1 year but i try to DL it again because i just wanna study again and sadly when im using the app its always crashing and i hope you guys fix it so i can give it a 5 stars im looking forward for development.
Jun 3, 2021
Can't sign in
Jun 2, 2021
It's pretty amazing app for good spelling and pronunciation I wanted to give up but it won't let me with a crying emoji I continued learning and it's pretty amazing I hope it gets better. Thank the producer for this app
Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun - Product Description
Learn & practice your speaking, reading, listening and Korean writing skills with Lanny – the chatbot tutor. Have a chatbot tutor in your pocket!


Looking for a live chatbot app to learn the Korean language? Want 1 Korean learning chat app to learn & practice:

.. Korean reading

.. Korean writing

.. Korean vocabulary

.. Korean speaking

Well, you need Eggbun, the Korean language learning chatbot. With 1,000,000+ users worldwide, Eggbun is the most popular way to learn Korean language!


It’s a fun chat Korean app that allows you to practice your speaking, reading, listening and Korean writing skills… all by chat. Get started by chatting with your personal chatbot tutor, Lanny, and get access to 550+ Korean lessons, whether it’s Korean for beginners or advanced language learners. With Lanny in your pocket, you can learn Korean online anytime, anywhere!


Neatly organized, beautifully designed and fun, the Korean live chat app allows you to…

- Get Korean language basics in one place - Start with learning Hangeul, basic verbs, phrases, and sentences!

- Actually communicate in South Korean language - All the phrases and words for travel in Korea that you need to know, ordering guides and even the occasional K-drama reference. We believe that context is the best way to learn.

- Talk like a native speaker - It's not just text, but audio to help you with pronunciation too! Eggbun Korean language tutorials include audio by native Korean speakers that are sure to help you with your Korean speaking & Korean vocabulary.

- Get a strong understanding of Korean culture - Eggbun has Culture Notes to help you really understand and learn Korean culture! It’s like you have an ability to chat with Korean people and you probably know that learning Korean is much easier when done through chatting.

And all this is designed in the simplest UI you’ll ever see in a Learning Korean app.. we can guarantee that!


Download and sign up via the popular email & social media networks with one click. Explore categories like Korean characters, greeting expressions, pronunciations, real-life conversations, common verb endings, business, and more, but don’t forget to especially check the Survival Korean for Travelers series.

Everything is made to be fun, fast and conversational, yet memorable and effective!

All your progress is tied to your account, so you can come back and continue your learning process at any time & anywhere.

Don’t miss the opportunity to finally learn this amazing language.

Learning with Eggbun is like having a Korean language school… on your phone.

Download the ultimate chat Korean bot to:

.. learn to speak Korean

.. learn to write Korean

.. understand Korean


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at help@eggbun-edu.com.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eggbun_education
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eggbun.edu
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