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Esurance Mobile - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 21, 2021
Awful I thought I was going to be receiving my insurance verification but I can't find it anywhere in my email account
Oct 19, 2021
Tried three times to make a payment tonight and it won't let me? Hey, Esurance... Not my fault!!
Oct 18, 2021
Constantly freezes up. Pure fakakta!!!
Oct 16, 2021
Only good if you want to see your policy info. Unable to file a claim and upload photos/video so I still need to call. Roadside does not work either and you have to call for that too. Be wary of privacy issues regarding location data and phone usage.
Oct 13, 2021
I got Esurancea a few months ago the policy was great average everything I needed Plus. The down payment was cheap I was told it was for the month. Fast forward to a month later and I was going through a lot of economic problems just like a lot of other people in the world and I couldn't make the payment so my policy was canceled so I was told. Well then I find out about 4 or 5 days ago they took out money now why would they take money out of my account when my insurance has cancelled???
Oct 4, 2021
Why doesn't it let me put in my email and clam number to upload my photos i need my car fixed
Oct 1, 2021
the app has been crashing for me alot. i have uninstalled/reinstalled numerous times. but it still crashes. (yes it is updated)
Sep 28, 2021
These people are just like any other insurance company that lie just to get you in and then come up with craziness down the line. I have card depicting their Lies! Some one contacted me out of the blue, and said some how I six months ago, put in a cali zip. They realized they under charged me, and was making me redo everything and then I could not get one person on the phone for 30 days to fix this, bc I have a card that I printed at time of sign up, with FLORIDA ZIP! LIARS STAY FAR AWAY! BAD!
Sep 24, 2021
I can't ever get in touch with a representative very extremely disappointed. I'm not even at fault drunk driver hit my car
Esurance Mobile - Product Description
Esurance Mobile is now better than ever! 

Updated with a sleeker, more intuitive design worthy of the fast-paced, modern world you’re living in. 

In addition to the new look, you’ll also enjoy: 

• Simplified, user-friendly navigation
• New, helpful policy info pages 
• Roadside & accident help in just a few taps
• Easy access to your insurance ID card
• A simple way to customize notifications
• Log in using Touch ID

And as always, Esurance Mobile helps you:

Take care of business
- Log into your policy
- Check your coverages
- Add a new car or edit an existing one*
- File a new claim — or save accident info, including photos, for later
- Submit photos for an estimate
- Pay your bill
- Update your contact info
- Change your policy payment date
- Update your payment method

Manage repairs
- See and send photos of your repairs
- Contact your dedicated claims rep directly
- Find out when your car will be ready

Access key info
- View and save your ID card — plus use it as digital proof of insurance if it’s allowed in your state
- Find preferred repair shops near you
Get roadside assistance
- Pick your service (from lockout to tow to gas) and find service providers near you in a few taps — no phone call required
- Get real-time updates and track your rescue on a map

Find useful stuff
- Track down everything from nearby gas stations to the best local cupcakes. All without leaving the app.

If easy is your jam, download Esurance Mobile.

Feedback, questions, or app ideas? Shoot us an email at mobilesupport@esurance.com.

*Not yet available in all states.
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