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Fantasy Invest: A Stock Game - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 21, 2021
Signup failure
Signup button is not active. Trying to signup with an email.
Jun 9, 2021
3 Star at best
This is a REALLY great idea for a game. I've already won $115 playing the game. However, every single time I open the app there's software issues. From not being able to play whatsoever, to being kicked out of games and never getting the coins from the game. There's SOOOO MANY DEVELOPER ISSUES, and obviously not enough developers to solve the issues. Also, customer support is the weakest I've ever experienced. All in all, the game is worth downloading and playing, but don't expect anything until it's in your hand. There needs to be better maintenance AND MORE STOCKS/CRYPTO TO CHOOSE FROM.
Jun 8, 2021
Some of the features on the app in an i phone are different from the ones in Samsung for example i dont get the bear or bull choice and i dont know which level i am
May 17, 2021
Glitches incredibly Shares little Updated slowly On what to base your choice is unclear, the drains are not visible, only some random figures that are irrelevant, as the application is very slow updated. I left two stars because I downloaded it today, maybe if you get used to it, it'll be nice, but I'm already out.
May 3, 2021
I'm watching my actual crypto (cardano) price go up in real time, but according to this game the cryptos I choose are at a loss.. so this game obviously is making it up as it goes along
Apr 29, 2021
Account doesn’t let me logging
I sign out than I couldn't sign back it.. i signed up with my Apple account than I sign out for something and now I can't log back in for some reason please do something?
Apr 27, 2021
Um idk but im on Android i cant see my level and etc
Apr 26, 2021
I used to really like this, but now the gift cards are gone. You only get them if you're in the top 5. As if I have a chance getting that out of the thousands of players. If you need to increase the gift card price that's understandable, but if they're not available at all then there's no point in playing anymore. And coincidentally, sometimes when I earn a lot of coins in a game, I never get them and the record of the match disappears.
Apr 7, 2021
I would give a five but I don't like how they changed the gift card reward to top 5, i would like it to go back to the 150 coins in my personal opinion
Fantasy Invest: A Stock Game - Product Description
Test your stock market insights, master your trading skills, win amazing prizes, and have fun.
Test the waters
Will the stock market crash or skyrocket? Time to test your trading insights risk-free. Forget those boring stock market simulators. Fantasy stocks are the new black!
Track stock market leaders
Are you watching the most popular US stocks? Track your favorites like Apple, Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, and more. We provide real-world Nasdaq data!
Become a part of the stock market world
We’ve simplified stock trading to help you understand the stock market.
In each game, you can build a winning portfolio of five best-performing stocks. Test your portfolio in the games. 
Earn coins
You have a chance to earn Fantasy Coins in every game you play. The better your portfolio performs, the more coins you get.
Get prizes
Practice investing in the stock market and get rewarded at the same time! Redeem Fantasy Coins for amazing prizes like the iPhone 11 Pro, Air Pods. Compete with others and receive gift cards!
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