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First Horizon Mobile Banking - Latest Quality Issues
Jan 17, 2022
I've always loved this app, super easy and user-friendly! Now the "quick transfer" has changed and I can't move money from savings to checking instantly. This is huge to me, and definitely a deal-breaker 👎 I needed to transfer Friday evening and it won't be completed until Tuesday because of the Mon holiday. It would have been nice to have some sort of notice!
Jan 15, 2022
EASILY the worst banking app I’ve ever used
This has been the most horrible experience I have EVER had with a banking app. Where to even begin…the app is slow, constantly undergoing maintenance, and extremely difficult to navigate as well as missing essential and seemingly basic functions. Their customer service is equally as bad and incompetent. Their customer service is exactly what you would expect from a corporation that clearly cares so little about their customers that they don't update an app with 1.5 stars on the App Store to make it better for their consumers. They are clearly have no training on even the basics of their own application. When calling to see why it's not possible to make a mobile deposit and why I have NEVER been able to make a deposit on this app, I was told “we are currently undergoing maintenance, check back tomorrow”…for a year apparently. It's honestly a joke and this app is the main reason I'm switching banks. Fix the app and make it more user friendly, or lose more customers, it's that simple.
Jan 14, 2022
Every time I go to login in says application has failed to load
Jan 13, 2022
Not working with my VPN
This is a new problem but my app won't load as long as my VPN is on
Jan 12, 2022
No longer opens... "Application fails to load" error msg. Uninstalling/reinstalling doesn't correct issue.
Jan 9, 2022
App no longer works
Seems there has been one issue after another with this app, and now I simply get “application failed to load - try again”. I've deleted and reinstalled the app twice to no avail. With the proliferation of digital banking these days, this is unacceptable from a company that continues to grow through M&A. After 30 years, might be time to switch to a bank that keeps up with current technology.
Jan 8, 2022
For some reason lately the app will not open at all.
Jan 7, 2022
App will not load! Account has been hacked 4 times in the last 3 years and can't get my new account to update!! Still shows old account number! It's just a horrible experience to have your accounts hacked yet you can't get into it yourself!
Jan 7, 2022
App won’t work at all
I've been trying to use this app and the las 4 days won't open at all. I'm not in the USA and I use Tunnel Bear VPN for security matters but the app doesn't even load. Any suggestions?
First Horizon Mobile Banking - Product Description
Now Available for both Personal and Small Business customers!  The First Horizon Mobile Banking app is free to download and offers you a convenient, secure way to manage your financial life or your business on the go. The app lets you deposit a check, view your account balances, pay bills, transfer funds, create and manage budgets, track spending, and set timely alerts and notifications to keep you in the know. 

Service Features
• Enable Quick Glance℠ to check balances and see recent transactions without logging in
• Set alerts and push notifications to your iPhone®, Apple Watch®, or iPad®
• Turn your debit and credit cards on or off
• Deposit checks with Mobile Deposit
• Check your account balances and view recent transactions
• Transfer funds between eligible accounts at any time
• Pay bills, add payees, see payments made, or cancel payments
• Send, Request, and Split money with family, friends, and people you know and trust with Zelle® using your personal bank account.
• Move money between all of your personal bank accounts – even ones at other banks
• Create budgets, designate savings goals, and track progress
• Find the nearest First Horizon ATM or banking center

Service Benefits
• Convenience – Bank wherever you go and at any time of the day
• Control – It’s easy to monitor your account and quickly move money, pay bills, and turn your card on or off
• Support – A dedicated mobile specialist is just a quick call away
• Security – Enjoy the highest level of protection against account fraud

How to Get Started
Simply download the app, use your Digital Banking credentials to log in, and you’re ready to begin banking on the go
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