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Fly Now Pay Later - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 13, 2021
After installing and registering, it performs straight hard check on your credit file. Really disappointed. I would not have gone through with this, if I had known they will perform a hard search straight away after installing app
Oct 12, 2021
Waste of time Tried to register, meet the criteria, my credit score I know is good yet not accepted, what a waste of space
Oct 9, 2021
Er at no point does your app state you will do a hard search on your credit report. It states checking your eligibility which is a soft check. Not very happy about that. If I known about the hard check I would not of bothered. I will have to now lodge a complaint to through the credit bureau to get this removed
Oct 2, 2021
Confused about denial
I wonder what type of factors they use when making a determination. I have really good credit, never miss payments, and never have trouble getting approved for actual credit cards. It's odd because I've heard of people with sub par credit getting approved for their services. Hopefully they provide more information regarding their reasons for denial in the future, at least so people can know what is being looked at. I also didn't get any notifications that they did any type of soft pulls on my credit, so I wonder why a ssn is even needed unless it's just a part of their verification process. Regardless, I don't think they're a scam, probably just a new company that is still trying to get their ducks in a row.
Sep 19, 2021
Load of rubbish. Can't even get through validate process.
Sep 18, 2021
Súper bad
I don't even know where to start. I wanted a trip to Aruba with my son so I started the virtual card they split the cost of the trip into 4 payments. So the first payment they took the 40 something dollars out of my card, then I wanted to pay the rest of the trip amount, and they charged my bank twice for paying the rest of the balance. After that I wanted a trip to Chicago to the bean to go watch the bean and they provided me with this dumb address from UK or whatever. These people are dumb I can't deal with this. Run plz and then their emails take forever. Ugh
Sep 16, 2021
Customer service
This app is garbage it works well long as you are able to access it the moment you change your phone number and you cannot access your account is it is extremely hard to get in contact with anybody from this company to change your phone number in game access back into your account now and I have a bill and they keep emailing me asking me what's wrong I keep returning emails and no one answers my emails I've been trying to get back into for a month and a half I have sent eight emails back to this company and received none Watch what I tell you they will contact me on here and leave a message about how to get in contact with them but when I contact them they will not respond
Sep 1, 2021
I live this app, I've been traveling a lot. But now it's freezing up. Fix it please.
Aug 25, 2021
This app is faud. They will approve you, then have you send pictures of your ID over and over, saying you failed verification, and the email response you will get is use better lighting. BEWARE!!! I am reporting them to the FTC.
Fly Now Pay Later - Product Description
Find your next trip. Get it booked. Spread the cost over whatever payment plan suits you. 


All that (and much, much more) from our Anywhere app. 

Here’s how it works:

 Step 1: Download the app

This bit’s really easy. Just download the app, set up your account, and start planning your next trip. 

 Step 2: Book your dream trip

Now for the fun part! Dig out your Lonely Planet books, pull up that Pinterest board or search your favorite travel providers to find your perfect trip.

When you’ve got those “oh man, this is the one!” butterflies, head through to the payment page.

Step 3: Pick a payment plan that works for you

With options to spread the cost over up to 4 months and repayment plans that start of 0% APR, you can make sure that you’ve found a plan that you can afford, and that leaves you with enough cash to get the most out of your trip. 

You can even choose to pay most of the money back after you return, too.

Step 4: Pack up your swimsuit and shades

Once you’ve picked a payment plan, we’ll send you a virtual card to pay for your vacation with.

Once that’s all gone through and booked, we’ll take care of the boring stuff like setting up the direct debits, while you do a celebratory dance, share the exciting news with your friends and start shopping for sunnies, swimsuits, and suntan lotion.

If you have any questions, give us a shout. We’re here 7 days a week!
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