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Free GPS Navigation & Maps, Directions - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 23, 2021
Have not been able too use it yet!!!
Oct 18, 2021
Not working. Bad.
Oct 6, 2021
Cannot put an address in to this app. I know where I am but needed help finding a place in melb. Totally useless app
Oct 3, 2021
The application does not respond to bombards with too many ads it does not have address option there are other much better for this I put a star and always talk about me my personal opinion
Sep 23, 2021
This app is not showing Kuchh all the signal and this app is hot hot
Sep 12, 2021
It constantly in Germany I couldn't brought in to my local England and while I was trying to sor they managed to squeeze about 30 adverts in 30 minutes I think instead of designing this user friendly and helpful bombarded with much adverts possible it's annoying while I'm trying to get to location and instead of getting help from system I was getting bombarded with adverts I'm downloading different app for navigation and of the day lot's of them about thankfully 😊
Sep 9, 2021
No good drain data.
Aug 25, 2021
Doesn't work on my phone I have a samsung galaxy a10s
Aug 20, 2021
If I knew where a location was I wouldn't need a map. How is a person supposed to get to a location without entering an address. For me, this app is useless.
Free GPS Navigation & Maps, Directions - Product Description
Free GPS Navigation & Maps, Directions helps to follow the route directions, avoid heavy traffic routes, get shortest path distance, trace places nearby, find the destination on GPS maps and can get current location of your place.

The Compass Navigation mode helps you to find the directions during travel, get the weather updates of current place or search any place to find the weather condition. Get the Traffic updates to avoid busy route.

GPS Navigation:
 With Free GPS Navigation & Maps, Directions easily find the directions of your destination, you can search any location address.
You can find the shortest path of travelling. Check the current location of your place, so that you can easily trace out the places where you are, mostly helpful while travelling. Share the location address with your friends and family. 
Find the directions where you want to travel, find the address of any location with just a click.

Compass Mode:
 You can find the navigation directions with different compass views. 
Get different modes of compass with navigation like Standard, Map, Satellite, Telescope, Compass modes. 

Check Traffic:
Free GPS Navigation & Maps, Directions helps you to save time by following the traffic updates. GPS Traffic Finder will helps you to get the most accurate traffic updates. So that you can skip the heavy traffic routes.

 Get updated and current weather conditions and temperatures along with location or place. You may also find the weather info of different or multiple cities. With just one click you can check the weather of your selected place.

Near By Places:
With Free GPS Navigation & Maps, Directions trace out the nearest places with single tap. Check the categories of all th places near by and can select the category of place you want to check and see the places nearest you in single click.

App Features:
   * Find the directions with route
   * Get the unknown Address of locations
   * Check your Current Location on GPS Maps
   * Get the live traffic updates to reach destination without strucking in the traffic
   * Use GPS Compass to find the directions with standard, normal, map, satellite, telescopic views 
   * Check the Weather info of current place and also multiple or different cities.  
   * Simple and very user friendly with all GPS Features that were helpful in daily routine    
   * Free GPS Navigation & Maps, Directions is the best app to search, get directions, navigations on Maps  
   * Check out the nearest places with GPS Near by Places or your interested places 

Disclaimer:  Please note that our app Free GPS Navigation & Maps, Directions will never upload any of user personal data to any server and developed only for information purpose.
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