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FreeRoam - Boondocking & More - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 14, 2021
I'm in Canada, doesn't work for me because no prices on anything.
Jun 5, 2021
I had problems finding dispersed sites, thus app not only finds them, but it gives me all the info I need, even a route to drive
Jun 2, 2021
Not sure where they get the cell phone signal 🤔 but it's been very wrong many times
Jun 1, 2021
Not really impressed with this app at all it lacks in quite a few areas in my opinion it seemed glitchy and there was some wrong information. It is important to me to have correct information and a correct destination and it is important to me that the app works as it is intended this fall short in many of those areas. Do you have the right idea but it's just not working
Jun 1, 2021
Tool and die
Worked initially but whether a ios14.x issue or what now hangs forever in splash screen so has become useless.
May 30, 2021
This app is incredible! If you are someone who has to travel far and travel cheap, or just love camping, this is the app for you! Very detailed maps and reviews. I only have one gripe: it doesn't show the cell service for U.S Cellular for some reason. Overall, terrific app.
May 29, 2021
Disturbed there was only one place to camp in Albuquerque New Mexico I think there's about a hundred but they left out 99 here
May 28, 2021
The app sent me ADDRESS_REMOVEDtrying to find a campground that didn't exist. Got my van stuck on previously mentioned dirt road trying to turn around. That 4 hours of my life I'm never getting back.
May 23, 2021
I had to reboot and install 3 times before it would be fully functional.
FreeRoam - Boondocking & More - Product Description
Helpful tools and a community for boondockers, all for free!

Find the best free campsites to stay at: 
- BLM, USFS and cell coverage map overlays
- Filter by road difficulty, safety,  cell signal, weather, crowdedness and more
- Find nearby dump sites, fresh water, groceries, propane, gyms, showers, cell towers, etc...
- Overlay USFS motor vehicle use maps (MVUMs) on the main map
- View low clearance bridges and tunnels, for tall motorhomes and 5th wheels
- Watch videos of others describing the campsites
- Review campsites and and add photos 

Find overnight parking locations:
- Search for Walmarts, Casinos and Rest Areas that allow overnight parking

Chat with other boondockers
- Meet new people and keep in touch with those you've met
- See other travelers nearby
- Find upcoming van and RV events

Log your travels
- Keep a travel journal of the places you've been
- Plan out future trips and find stops along your route

Find products
- Get information on helpful products for boondocking and general camping

This is a new product and we want to make it as helpful as possible, so please let us know what you would like to see added or improved!
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