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GoToTraining - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 9, 2021
Communication. Cancels constantly
May 23, 2021
Camera does not work.....
May 14, 2021
Very good, only when I entered a call to my celu, the volume was lowered to a minimum and I couldn't get it back up
Mar 22, 2021
I have not been able to reach developers, the email does not work. Is there, will there be an option to use webcams on androids? I was mandatory for my training, I had to drive to work instead of just using my phone from home.
Mar 16, 2021
How come if I connect with an Android device the camera doesn't work? I tried from smartphones and tablets but the result is the same. I see who's connected but they don't see me.
Feb 9, 2021
Broken and crashes instantly when trying to join a meeting
Jan 15, 2021
Can't get the camera to work at all on the phone
Jan 14, 2021
The app and platform are beautiful, intuitive etc. But if you have an android device you can't share/activate your Webcam. So they don't see you. If you solve this problem I will put 5 stars because the App and platform really deserve
Dec 8, 2020
I can't get in to the training
GoToTraining - Product Description
Join and participate in GoToTraining sessions on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


For Learners: learn while you’re on the move. Interact with trainers and subject-matter experts in a meaningful way without the formal learning environment.
•Join easily by tapping the training session link in an invite email or your calendar.
•See a schedule of upcoming training sessions and join with a single tap.
•Use a single tap to dial in to the phone conference or connect to audio using WiFi or 4G/3G.
•View slide presentations, research and other learning materials the trainer or subject matter expert shares on their screen.
•Take tests and access materials from the GoToTraining content library.
•Respond to polls, raise your hand or type in the chat to ask the trainer or subject-matter expert questions.
•View activities such as videos, documents, images, and PDFs controlled by the trainer.
•Join a breakout to focus the audio conference and participation on an activity.
•View live whiteboarding sessions or share your own whiteboard (iPad only).
•View the trainer or subject matter expert’s webcam and share your webcam (iPad only).

Student Account - Attend multiple trainings? Now you have the ability to create an account to quickly access all of your upcoming registered training sessions.  If you already have a LogMeIn account, then simply use those credentials to sign in.

Now with support for the Trainer!  As a Trainer, you can access information on your upcoming and past training sessions on the go.  View valuable information and connect with your learners at any time.

Trainer Features include
•Viewing upcoming and past training sessions
•Inviting new registrants
•Resending the Join information to registered learners
•Viewing who has registered and attended your sessions
•Simple analytics on your past sessions
•Email your learners
•Learners can now join your training sessions via their iPad or iPhone. 
•Pass presenter controls from your computer to anyone in the training session or present content from the cloud on your iPad.
•Use an iPad as a secondary device to whiteboard concepts.


There is no purchase necessary to attend a GoToTraining session. Two easy ways to join:
•Tap a training session link in the invite email or your calendar.
•Tap the GoToTraining icon after you download the app and enter the session ID.

•Upon joining a training session, you will automatically connect to audio through your Internet connection (WiFi or 4G/3G).
•For the best audio experience, plug a headset into your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch.
•If you prefer to dial in over your phone line, you can do that with a single tap after joining the training session.
•If you are attending the session in person, easily disconnect from audio any time during the session so you can continue to participate in polls and see the materials up close.

NOTE: Due to network constraints, iPhone users on the Verizon network will be unable to join a session and dial in over the phone at the same time.

If additional presenters are using webcams, you will automatically see them upon joining the training session. 
•GoToTraining learners can turn on their webcams by tapping the webcam icon, then the Share My Webcam button.
•While it is possible to stream video over a 4G/3G connection, WiFi is recommended to avoid charges with your network carrier.
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