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GPS Speedometer and Odometer (Speed Meter) - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 21, 2021
Horrible experience with Samsung note 10 and note 10 plus 5g. After you connect once with success something happens to were it'll show how many satellites it's trying to connect to but never connects. It'll stay stuck on these green numbers until you restart your phone. I tried clearing storage and cache while the phone is on with no success. It'll still be on these green numbers. This app also likes to pop up ads whenever you are stopped. Hard break, ad, life risk. Monetization more important
Oct 18, 2021
Can't find satellites. It doesn't work.
Oct 16, 2021
It works as advertised. Really helps when my gauges decide to not work. 2 stars deducted, due to it burning itself into my screen, and leaving a permanent ghost.
Oct 14, 2021
No save option on screen when yur finished. So I got out of it and of course it didn't save it. Oh you have to swipe to get the screen with all the options one being the save. Stupid. The save option should be on your current task screen somewhere; 3 lines,3 dots, somewhere on the top or bottom of your current activity screen. Otherwise it's pretty good but since this is a major stupid layout error, 1 STAR SHE BLOWS !!
Oct 11, 2021
Maybe I don't know how to use it properly but I'm not understanding why it cuts off when I have not ended the trip. I may be on my bike for close to two hours sometimes and then I go to check my distance and find after the first mile the app stop recording. Am I supposed to tap start trip or does tapping that make it stop? I started just opening the app and not tapping anything and that seems to have worked .....but it still cuts off.
Oct 10, 2021
The mirror display did not work
Oct 4, 2021
Don't show me an ad that I have to close out of when I'm going fast. Very dangerous and dumb design.
Oct 4, 2021
Had ads pop up a few times while driving, but not often. I use the speed portion only, no other features.
Sep 30, 2021
It won't install to my phone
GPS Speedometer and Odometer (Speed Meter) - Product Description
GPS Speedometer and Odometer app to measure car speed and measure bike speed. It is the best GPS speedometer app for speed measurement of the vehicle. This is the easiest speedometer app and the best bike and car speedometer you can ever find.

How this car speedometer app is different from other speedo apps. 

1. In this GPS speed meter app, you can use a phone compass sensor. The compass speedometer helps you know the moving direction.

2. The car speedometer works offline. It's the fastest offline speedometer for car or bike. Likewise, use the free bike speedometer that takes less than 20 seconds to connect. Other speedo app takes mins for the same job making this the best gps speedometer offline. The same goes for the offline odometer for car. 

3. Speed accuracy is close to 99%, making it the most accurate speedometer app and also the easy to use speedometer.

4. Digital speedometer shows you the current speed, average speed and the top speed. The digital odometer shows trip distance and the odometer reading. 

5. HUD speedometer app (head up display) shows you the car speed on your car windshield and measure distance. HUD is provided on both landscape and portrait mode in the hud speed meter app. 

6. Give your own colors in the mileage tracking app. 

7. In the GPS meter app, you can also measure train speed as it provides train speed live meter. 

8. The GPS speed app is a speedometer with alarm since it plays siren and shows red color if you overspeed. In the speed limit app, you can set your speed limits. 

9. The distance tracker app helps you measure distance on backgrounding the app, making it a perfect distance meter. 

10. You can also change the units in the mph speed meter app and the distance meter used to measure distance reflects the settings.There are three speed units in the speed meter app namely: mph (miles per hour), kmph and mps (meter per second). 

11. Altitude unit can be changed like in the GPS distance measure. You can also track distance in the background mode.

12. The distance tracker and speed tracker app also shows the live weather at the current location in the mph meter app.

13. The GPS trip meter app is small in size, just ~4 MB. 

14. This car speedometer app uses minimal battery.

15. Set the minimum and maximum speed to make sure you drive in a range and bicycle tracker is also available. The bus speedometer app lets you measure bus speed.

16. The GPS speed lets you enter a distance for countdown, putting speed tracking app on work, once reached there, the GPS odometer app notifies you. 

18. In this GPS tracker app, reset all data in just a click.

19. Find latitude, longitude and altitude at your current location even if there's no Barometer.

20. Share your location in the bike computer app.

21. The bike computer can also run in Background Window. 

22. Delete any record on a long press in speed gauge.

23. Find all driving stats in one place in this truck speedometer app.

24. There's Ads free session to get rid of all the ads for free in the speed app. 

What if I want to measure my speed or my running speed or do a distance measurement? Just long press app icon and use the "Start now" feature in the speed box app. Users using Garmin to measure speed switched to this mileage tracker app. Use this GPS speedometer app as an odometer for walking, jogging and running. You can speed test car or speed test bike and stop getting speeding tickets. Use it cycle as it gives you a cyclemeter.

You can now take a car speed test, a bike speed test or a cycle, your running speed, jogging speed or even walking speed. You can measure car distance. It becomes a Pedometer when walking making it the best speedometer app. The speed meter is helpful who have a broken speedometer or broken odometer in their car, or any vehicle.
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