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Health4Me - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 2, 2021
The latest update seems to have completely bricked the app. It's no longer able to function.
May 27, 2021
Not very friendly, tap on a category and it doesn't open.
May 24, 2021
Like everyone else, the latest update appears broken and will not allow access to even the prior version of the app. Totally inconvenient with no apparent fix in sight. smh
May 23, 2021
"Having a problem reaching the service right now try again later." Been like that for a while now = 1 star
May 17, 2021
There was an update that no longer allows the app to work. Super inconvenient and rather annoying to deal with.
May 14, 2021
Terrible app / has no info / sends me to the desktop site for everything.
May 2, 2021
Horrible, horrible app. I finally got logged in and it has my old health card!!!! I got a new group number and member number. This needs to be fixed! I need to find doctors. Horrible. Please fix my account. Or please tell me who to email to get this fixed!!!!
Apr 23, 2021
Back online
I've used this app for a few years. Started having log-in issues a few months back but everything seems to be back online.
Apr 21, 2021
Latest update seems broken for me. I've used this app for years without issue, but I tried to access my insurance card for my covid vaccine and the app gave a network error. Useless app if you can't access your insurance card when you need it.
Health4Me - Product Description
Get UnitedHealthcare and OptumRx® info on the go with UnitedHealthcare Health4Me® — a mobile application designed to help you save time managing your health care. Whether you want to locate physicians near you or manage your prescriptions, Health4Me is your go-to resource for everything related to your health. It’s designed to be: 

• Mobile – it goes where you go. Use the location search feature to find a physician, pharmacy or facility near you. Whether you need a specialist or general practitioner, a large selection of network doctors is at your command.

• Personal – it’s designed to work for you. From emailing your health plan ID card information to checking status of deductible and out-of-pocket spending, Health4Me is built to help. And you can rest assured that your information is absolutely confidential. 

• Simplified – it highlights convenience. Tools like myHealthcare Cost Estimator can make your health care options easier by comparing procedure, provider, price and place.
• Secure – it prioritizes your privacy. Our enhanced login, HealthSafe ID™, helps keep your health information confidential in accordance with applicable law. 
Who can use Health4Me? Everyone. 
You don’t need to have a UnitedHealthcare plan to benefit from features such as finding the average estimated cost for hundreds of medical services and procedures in your area. Download the app and explore great features like myHealthcare Cost Estimator now.

UnitedHealthcare and OptumRx members get more from Health4Me. 
Health4Me features include the following benefits (though their availability to you may depend on your employer’s health plan):
− Register for myuhc.com® to enable both mobile and online services.
− Search for physicians, pharmacies or facilities by location or specialty.
− Locate Urgent Care facilities and ERs nearest to your location.
− Estimate your health care and drug costs.
− Use EasyConnect to let us know you want to talk about something and we’ll call you back.
− View and share your member health plan ID card. 
− Contact an experienced registered nurse 24/7 for health information.
− Check status of deductible and out-of-pocket spending.
− View medical and prescription claims. 
− Refill your prescriptions, or check status of refills and renewals.
− Review order status for home delivery medication.
− Compare medication prices and find lower-cost options.
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