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HiMama – The Daycare App - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 15, 2021
Was working fine until it oddly says i have a pending invitation accept it to finish creating your account. I have no invitation.
Oct 9, 2021
small pictures
The only downside of this app is that if multiple photos have been uploaded, they can only be downloaded as collage form. Hope that the photos in the original format can be downloaded separately.
Oct 8, 2021
The app needs help
For the most part the app is great. A MUST change is that it needs to report when and how much the baby ate!!! It reports diapers and naps but Not eating time. Please fix that!!! The only reason I won't give it five stars!
Oct 7, 2021
Barely accomplishes it’s job
It's clear this app is a webpage pretending to be an app. It does “work” but the quality lacks what anyone should expect from a professionally developed experience. Some navigation elements aren't visible at some time and you're kinda stuck. The text areas aren't sized correctly so you end up zooming in when you click on a text box to type and it makes using the page a pain. It would be great if you didn't require me to send multiple messages to send multiple photos.
Oct 7, 2021
I love HiMama and the features, however, one sad point though, is that only one person in my kids "Crew" was able to get access to the content. They've all tried multiple times to make it work but no luck.
Oct 5, 2021
Daycare director
I am writing this review because I am logged out multiple times a day without me physically logging myself out. It is really annoying when I got in to document something and I'm logged out. For the price of this app I'm not impressed
Oct 5, 2021
clunky, repeat notifications, looking at photos is a pain
Sep 29, 2021
Processing time
We love the app to help us see what the kiddos do for the day while in care. However, it takes a lot of time to process/update the meals/naps. Usually the information isn't processed until very late in the evening, making it difficult to know what your child's needs are after pick up. If they are cranky, it would be nice to know if they didn't nap/eat a lot that day so you can anticipate how to meet your child's needs adequately when arriving home.
Sep 24, 2021
Good app
I would have given it 5 stars if It wasn't have these delays in the messages and updates. But great overall
HiMama – The Daycare App - Product Description
Go digital with the #1 rated childcare app! Complete your preschool daily reports, schedules, attendance, check-ins and meal planning in half the time. Send parents daily sheets, pictures, videos and invoices they will love. Easily align lesson planning and development observations with your curriculum or guidelines. 

Download today and feel the freedom of being binder-less! Here is what one of our thousands of happy directors had to say about HiMama:

"HiMama has become a huge asset for our school! Parents love the photos, and daily reports. Teachers all agree that it is extremely easy to use and replaces piles of paperwork."
Best of all, HiMama is an all-in-one solution with every feature you need to run your center effectively.

• Daily reports - Fill out meals, snacks, sleep checks, toileting, activities and observations, medication and mood for individual children or multiple children at a time
• Flexible activity planning - Schedule activities and lessons on-the-fly or months in advance
• Attendance - Check-in children, record drop-off and pick-up times

• Photo and video observations - Tag real-time observations with images from the classroom 
• Internal development reports - Follow a child’s development across developmental domains, skills and indicators
• Framework and curriculum alignment - Customized to fit your state or province’s early learning guidelines and compatible with Reggio-inspired, play-based, emergent, Montessori, and traditional programs

• App parent portal - Parents can view photos, videos, daily reports and schedules, update their child’s information, and message educators in their own private, secure account.
• Real-time photo sharing - Parents can receive timely updates throughout the day
• Email, text, and in-app communication - Send messages, alerts and reminders to individual parents or an entire room

• Attendance - Record absences and have oversight into check-in, check-out times 
• Classroom reports - Ensure your preschool is running smoothly with attendance, sleep check, meal, toileting, and activity reports
• Parent and child information - Directors or parents can update contact, emergency, allergies and health information
• Menu planning - Input meal and snack schedule for parents to view and educators to use in daily reporting
• Enrollment management - View upcoming, current and graduated children, and schedule rotation

HiMama is secure, reliable and easy to use. All of the childcare center’s information is backed-up and synced, and can be accessed through any of our apps and our website. 

We have a friendly customer support team that would be happy to answer your questions, which you can reach by phone (1-800-905-1876) or email (support@himama.com).
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