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Angi: Find Local Home Services - Latest Quality Issues
Aug 18, 2022
The text to ask for a review function ones not work
Aug 17, 2022
Of everything they promise you nothing is true it charges you for ghost customers when you call them she has already hired someone else they only charge you for. Customers who already. They are not expecting any services but they charge you only for sending the client's number without knowing that the client no longer needs your service
Aug 17, 2022
Esteve emfermo I did not have time for anything now that I saw my account lla I can not activate it disen that I have to pay 500 Pains of lips I did not even see the lips almost died I these indebted me deveras that have no conscience
Aug 17, 2022
So far I don't have much to complain about other than one day I'll have a referral or two the next day I'll have no referrals
Aug 17, 2022
I searched for a Pro,and found the right one out of many offers, But there is no Way on the App that I can Show that I have Hired a Pro, and Offers are still coming, so this Becomes Annoying,can You fix Please
Aug 17, 2022
Opened up a project thru the app. Received 2 responses from Dallas Housemaids & Irene's Cleaning Services. Asked for a quote. 48 hrs later and no response. Called Angi's CS & Isabella answered. Told her the above and asked why this is happening. She said we need to book a appointment. I said I need multiple quotes 1st and she said I can't help you and hung up. Called back and got her again and asked for supervisor and she hung up immediately. Shows great CS Angi. Deleted the app & not using Angi
Aug 16, 2022
Can't get any one to fix mod home roof .have the ins money to replace the roof
Aug 16, 2022
App needs help!
The messages never load. I have to turn off my wi-fi in order to get them to load. This is a continual issue not just with my phone but with our other employees as well. It would also be helpful to include the customers message in the email that is sent to notify us there is a message. Sometimes the messages are just “ok or sounds good” and there is no reason to go to the App and wait 20 minutes for the messages to load. Messages not loading is a MASSIVE frustration and issue.
Aug 16, 2022
They spam you like crazy and claim it takes 5 business days to unsubscribe.
Angi: Find Local Home Services - Product Description
HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List are now Angi. Receive the same benefits you’ve enjoyed with the HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List apps, plus more choice and more convenience.

Get Angi Key Membership and enjoy unlimited access to 20% savings on 150+ home renovation projects! Get exclusive access to special offers and additional benefits. 

Home services like home remodeling and house cleaning are easier than ever! Hire highly rated service contractors near you with fair pricing for any home project. Projects are covered by our Happiness Guarantee when you book and pay through the app. Home renovation projects will be covered up to the full purchase price, plus limited damage protection.

Hiring contractors for home service projects is easier than ever! Contractors are customer-rated pros, so you can find the best local electricians, pest control workers and more from our network without worry. Home renovation, repair and maintenance projects include cost estimates and financing options, so you can hire pros directly from the app – it’s that simple.

Home improvement appointments are made quick and easy with our best local contractors when you use our instant booking option. Book appointments with upfront pricing or get estimates and hire top local contractors for hundreds of home services. Home improvement projects can be paid back over time by accessing financing – all in the app.

View verified reviews in hundreds of home service categories, instantly connect with and compare quotes from your neighbors’ favorite contractors and get exclusive deals from highly-rated professionals in your ZIP code all right from the app!

Home remodeling, home improvement, home repair, renovation, maintenance, or any other service is made easy with Angi. Contractors are easy to hire - find the right local pro for the job. Prefer a more DIY experience? Don’t go at it alone. Complete your projects safely and securely with the assistance of a pro with new video call options and payments directly through the Angi app.

Remodeling and renovation projects are now easier than ever. Download Angi for free today, and find contractors nearby for your home improvement and repair projects anytime, anywhere.

Angi Features:

- Discover and compare home improvement professionals
- 500+ home improvement categories
- Home renovation pros: Search Angi’s contractor network for all home improvement needs
- Contractors are certified to ensure that you’re connected to trusted, qualified pros
- Book appointments instantly with local, available pros
- Read verified ratings and reviews from real customers

- Compare costs to install, remodel or repair for hundreds of home projects
- Keep track of your contractors and projects
- See local project costs in your area
- Schedule a video chat with a pro for questions about your project

- Pay pros directly in the Angi app
- Flexible payment including pay-over-time financing

Find and hire contractors for home remodel, repair, and improvement projects, including:
- Remodeling and Additions (Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels)
- Roofing
- House painting
- Windows
- House Cleaning & Maid Services
- Concrete
- Tree Services
- Handyman Services
- Heating & Furnace Systems
- Electrician
- Decks
- Pest Control
- Foundations
- Plumbing professional
- Lawn mower
- Lawn care & maintenance
- Siding
- Landscaping
- Tile
- Garage Doors
- Fences
- Home Repair

The Angi app is the fastest and easiest way to find and schedule home improvement, remodel and repair contractors. Download now and start your next home project!

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