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Hui Car Share - Car Rentals - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 14, 2021
Hard to enter birth date have to scroll over 50 years month by month...app sucks
May 30, 2021
Impossible to set DOB in onboarding. Poor calendar coding won't allow to type in DOB. I had to swipe month-to-month from May 2003. Goodbye.
May 29, 2021
Pointless. There aren't any cars available for months.
May 20, 2021
Zero availability
Downloaded the app looking for a car sometime in the next couple weeks. Literally nothing available outside of 2-3am for any day, don't waste your time. Reservations are slow and cumbersome to create as well.
May 10, 2021
Worst car share
If you're in Hawaii and need a car Hui is not the best option. Uber and Lyft are the better options. In Hui is they said you can rent a car for an hour or day. It's not true because all the cars are all reserved all day long. Reserve a date and time and unlock a car through the app. Not true too because we try to reserve a week before our it's not available.All Hui cars are regularly cleaned and sanitized.Not true because the cars is filthy dirty, un sanitized, food debris from the previous renter. If you decide to rent a Hui car make sure ti sanitize it. Bring a lysol spray or wipes.
May 1, 2021
Slimy app 🤮 Asked for all my personal details, driver's license photos, selfie etc. then when it finally got to the rental screen - NO CARS AVAILABLE! Also, "Something went wrong" with all the payment cards I've tried to add. Uninstalled, though I can't delete my personal information from their system 😠
Apr 23, 2021
Trying to upload a pic of my DL and app keeps going blank and kicking me out
Apr 15, 2021
Do not waste your time/money
First ride I attempted the car did not have its bluetooth enabled or it was dead. I had no way to unlock it and customer service was completely oblivious for an answer on how to help. I went through every troubleshooting tip. Restarted my phone, turned off wifi, toggled bluetooth on and off. Now I will have to waste more time trying to figure out how to contact their poor customer service to get my refund. Do not use this service
Apr 9, 2021
Abysmal and Dangerous Experience
Rented a Prius off a recommendation to checkout Hui for hassle free car rentals for the day. The car's gas tank was on nearly empty when we picked it up. After fueling and getting on the road, we got a “Check Engine” warning and the power from the engine completely died on a extremely busy highway stretch. No response from the gas peddle, was lucky enough to have clear space to coast onto the side and stop with the 4-ways on to warn immense oncoming traffic. The Prius gave us repeating “Braking Power Low, Visit Dealer,” “Check Engine, Visit Dealer,” “Lane Departure Alert Malfunction, Visit Dealer,” “Pre-Collision System Malfunction, Visit Dealer.” Hui says I have to pay for the time I used the vehicle up until the incident, never mind I'm writing this review during the hour+ I've been stranded on the side of the highway. Waiting for a UBER they sent to get out here. No official word yet on my refund, or reimbursement for $20 of gas I paid for out of pocket. No offer of a complimentary rental, not that I would feel safe doing so. Awful experience, will never be using this service ever again. Do not use this service. Stay away from Hui for your own safety.
Hui Car Share - Car Rentals - Product Description
Hui Car Share is Honolulu's largest car sharing network that allows you to rent any car you want at a location near you, through your iPhone. Once you sign up, you can access 150 cars at 65 stations across Oahu. Find Hui locations in Waikiki, Downtown Honolulu, Kakaako, and Ko Olina.

Using Hui is simple. There are no lines to wait in nor keys to pick up. Reserve a car and unlock it with your iPhone. All vehicles are available 24/7 which means that you can pick up a car and drop it off at any time. 

Reservations are flexible, which means that you can book a car for an hour or a full day. Signing up is free and there is no monthly commitment.

With Hui, you can rent a car to fit your needs:
•	Toyota Corolla
•	Toyota Prius
•	Toyota Tacoma
•	Toyota RAV4
•	Toyota Sienna
•	Lexus NX 300
•	Lexus RX 350
•	Lexus UX 200

Experience freedom from the hassles and expense of owning, leasing or renting a vehicle. 

How the app works:
- Filter vehicles by type - car, truck, van, SUV, and luxury
- Find a location nearby
- Reserve a time (as little as 5 minutes) 
- Choose a vehicle you'd like to use
- Get directions to your car
- Unlock and lock your car using the Hui App
- Extend your reservation on the fly
- Return the vehicle back to where you picked it up from

Why Drive Hui?
- No commitment
- Gas included (use our gas card to fill up)
- Insurance included (no up sells) 
- Frequently cleaned and sanitized cars
- Stellar, local customer support and 24/7 roadside assistance
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