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InnerHour: Self-Care Therapy - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 21, 2021
I paid for annual subscription yet it's asking again to take the subscription,I'm logged in is this a joke?
Oct 16, 2021
Everything is locked this was absoluotley pointless
Oct 16, 2021
The app froze and it doesn't open
Oct 12, 2021
A lot of the stuff requires plus, and some people can not get plus
Oct 10, 2021
I would really like to use the app looks very good but it doesn't have the language option and I don't know any English if they could fix that I would be very happy. Thank you
Oct 8, 2021
I put it down yesterday and I still haven't even been able to get in. It doesn't matter what option you put to start you are left loading without even logging in.
Oct 4, 2021
What I want to know is how to change the language why it is in English 😐 (Help) say someone sees my message please help me 😖
Oct 3, 2021
This application is in English and I do not understand so I uninstall it
Oct 2, 2021
The app was working fine yesterday but today it doesn't work, please fix this problem.
InnerHour: Self-Care Therapy - Product Description
Make self-care a priority with InnerHour

Find the strength, skills, & resources to overcome depression, beat anxiety, & improve your overall mental health.
InnerHour is your safe space for self-care.

We believe in quality mental health support. Our psychiatrists and psychologists have used their insights from therapy along with the latest science in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness to translate the real-life therapy experience into self-care modules.
Change your life for the better with 400+ therapy-based self-help tools designed for depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns.

Six self-help courses

• Depression: Build hope by overcoming depression
• Anxiety: Attain calm with tips for anxiety relief
• Sleep: Build healthy habits to sleep better
• Stress: Feel in control of your stress
• Anger: Learn to manage anger better
• Happiness: Develop key skills to feel happier in life

Personalised self-care plans

We know that each person has unique mental health needs. Our scientific assessment - built by mental health experts - allows us to personalise your self-care journey for depression, anxiety, sleep & more.

So what does your plan entail?

1. Self-care activities

Learn skills for good mental health with our self-care activities - each of which draws from real-life therapy and mental health research in the fields of CBT, Positive Psychology, or Mindfulness.
Practise affirmations, find mindfulness meditations, get guided journal exercises, & more!

2. Goal setting and tracking

Build habits for good mental health that will last a lifetime by setting and tracking self-care goals. This CBT-inspired feature will empower you to stay on track to become your best version.
3. Mood tracking

Check-in with yourself with our specialised mood tracker! Get insights into your mental health & figure out simple self-care solutions to feel better over time.

4. InnerHour Resources

We want you to keep learning on your mental health journey. Our resources include articles, tips, and inspiring quotes to help you stay motivated. For instance, you will:

• Understand the different causes of depression
• Learn about the symptoms of anxiety
• Know how to tell if it’s time to go to therapy

Your self-help plan reflects what happens in real life therapy and will help you practise skills to battle depression, get anxiety relief, and ultimately attain good mental health.
Your self-care journey doesn’t end here…

• Access additional self-help courses

Just like in therapy, our app offers support for more specific concerns like overthinking, social anxiety, loneliness & more with our additional courses.

• Feel less alone with Allie

In times of distress, talk to Allie, our intelligent chatbot. Allie identifies your mental health difficulty - be it anxiety or depression - and offers simple activities to help you feel calm immediately.

• Find well-being in 2021

Access our limited-period self-care courses to stick to your new year goals, find hope, & to find all the mental health support to be your best self.
Looking for more than just self-help? We’ve got you covered.

• Get InnerHour Pro
With InnerHour Pro, get matched to a therapist and benefit from expert support as you work through your 4-week self-care plan.
• Get professional support from InnerHour professionals
Reach out to an InnerHour therapist to talk about your concerns - be it depression or anxiety. You can even get diagnosis and medication support with qualified InnerHour psychiatrists. 
Treat yourself to unlimited self-care, starting today!
The InnerHour app is free to download for all. A subset of our offerings is available for free forever.

For any questions, you can reach out to us on support@theinnerhour.com
Terms & Conditions - https://www.theinnerhour.com/terms-and-conditions
Privacy Policy - https://www.theinnerhour.com/privacy-policy
Cancellation Policy - https://www.theinnerhour.com/cancellation-policy
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