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Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 10, 2021
It wont even let me install it but im pretty sure its a good game by the ther comments. :)
Oct 5, 2021
The game is just auperno there is one but I have on my phone it hangs and teoefren I have savsem new I put 4 stars
Oct 2, 2021
I hate this game storage whenever I try to download this game it never downloads it always tells me to just delete other apps
Sep 30, 2021
I give it 2 stars because every time there is a ad it always skip's it and I have to redo the whole game
Sep 29, 2021
It wont download for my daugter
Sep 26, 2021
His walk not💔
Sep 20, 2021
To many problems
There are SO many bugs and problems with ads and loading it's hard to play it, but it's somewhat fun and there are cool choices and things but every single thing you do you get at least two coins, also all of the adds I have to restart the tablet and not get the thing I want
Sep 14, 2021
This is supposed to be a game for kids, but every few seconds an ad pops up. Kids want to play games, not sit through so many ads, and they're not going to getting the things in the ads, anyway.
Sep 3, 2021
Finally I found a game in which I played every day as I was younger after a few years I found it but terribly changed as a fake of the new team x I would like this game to be as it used to be and so mega recommend
Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 - Product Description
Join millions of kids in new hairstyling and beauty makeover adventures in Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 kids game! Meet their beloved beauty salon clients at the beach and play new summer holiday makeover and pet care games for kids. Wash, dress up, style and design fun and crazy looks!

Kids' favorite jungle animals and new games make Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 the best sequel of the most popular pet care game for kids from TutoTOONS. Free your imagination and have fun!

Travel to the tropics and say hello to leopard Amy, elephant Sarah, zebra Gizelle, monkey Maya and toucan Rosa. Every jungle animal has its own style and favorite spa but they all need summer fashion tips from the best pet beauty salon! Leopard Amy wants to look cute with new makeup and fancy clothes. Elephant Sarah loves a spa bath and wants to dress up for holidays at the beach. Zebra Gizelle can’t wait to try new hairstyles and cool outfits. Monkey Maya plays in the jungle, always gets messy and hungry. Toucan Rosa misses her Rio Carnival look and needs your help to look wonderful. Take your hair styling tools to the sandy beach and start your summer beauty salon adventures!

Play tropical summer beauty salon and pet care games for kids: 
· Pick the animal you want to style first: leopard, elephant, zebra, monkey or toucan!
· Try out different hairstyles and outfits and create a magical look for zebra Gizelle!
· Clean up hungry monkey Maya, feed her, dress up and do an amazing hairstyle!
· Take care of elephant Sarah's skin, do nails, style hair and choose the cutest clothes!
· Get ready for the scariest night and carve a pumpkin for Halloween party!
· Wash and braid leopard Amy's hair, do makeup and dress up in style!
· Mix and match carnival accessories and create a Brazilian look for Rosa, queen of the jungle!
· Play music with leopard Amy’s ukulele and toucan Rosa’s maracas!
· Join sloth Linda at the beach hut and make exotic fruit slushies for everyone!
· Play Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 kids game every day and collect bonus coins!
· Level up and unlock new exciting mini games with your favorite jungle animals!
· Watch videos for kids and toddlers, earn coins and unlock new dress up items!
· Play, learn about jungle life and tropical animals and have tons of fun!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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