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LaMusica - Radio & Podcasts - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 25, 2021
I'm having problems with the app it stops playing after a few minutes also this started happening after I updated the app
Oct 23, 2021
It was damaged with this new update. It doesn't work. He was faithful listening to the mega every morning. Now the app opens when you want.
Oct 22, 2021
Very good at first but for a while you stop listening for no reason fix that.... 😠
Oct 21, 2021
Before you could listen to the radio without dropping the transmission and now it is 5 min transmitting without problem and then it falls.
Oct 20, 2021
Many announcements
Good application but many but many ads and sometimes usually Annoy because you change from one station to another as you want you have to see an ad that you can not take out
Oct 17, 2021
With the new update, Chromecast support has been lost. Now the option to share with these devices does not come out. I hope they fix it, as it was one of its valuable features. On the other hand, congratulate on the new version with a more updated design.
Oct 15, 2021
The latest update
In the last update they removed the full screen mode can only be viewed horizontally,TERRIBLE!
Oct 13, 2021
Today 13/10/2021, the application no longer opens, what is happening?
Oct 13, 2021
This app has few of my favorites radio stations in PR but crashes a lot.
LaMusica - Radio & Podcasts - Product Description
LaMusica offers you the best in radio, playlists, and entertainment in the Latin music world. 


Listen to the #1 radio stations in the United States & Puerto Rico:

• La Mega 97.9 (WSKQ) – New York 
• Mega 106.9 (WMEG) – Puerto Rico
• Z 93 (WZNT) – Puerto Rico
• El Nuevo Zol 106.7 (WXDJ) – Miami 
• La Nueva 94 (WODA) – Puerto Rico
• Mega 96.3 (KXOL) – Los Angeles
• La Raza 97.9 (KLAX) – Los Angeles 
• Amor 93.1 (WPAT) – New York
• La Raza 93.3 (KRZZ) – San Francisco
• La Ley 107.9 (WLEY) – Chicago 
• Z 92.3 (WCMQ) – Miami
• Ritmo 95 Cubatón y Más (WRMA) – Miami
• Play 96 (WRXD) – Puerto Rico


Enjoy 100+ playlists with the best music in the world.  Our playlists have the least commercial interruptions in the market. Need a workout playlist?  We got you covered.

You can also create your own custom playlist with up to 5 genres.


LaMusica offers you vertical video content showing the hottest artists news of the day, including exclusive interviews and concerts.  


Your opinion is very important to us! Please email us at feedback@lamusica.com and tell us what you want to see in future versions of LaMusica. Partner with us to make LaMusica the best app for your radio, music and entertainment needs.
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