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Live Earth Map: Discover Earth Cam - Satellite Map - Latest Quality Issues
Sep 30, 2021
BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU this application does not work
Sep 13, 2021
Suitcase. The GPS shows a place far from where I am.
Aug 28, 2021
This is 6 months behind today
Aug 24, 2021
It's not full-screen, it's blocking ads on your cell phone, so it sucks.
Aug 11, 2021
Ugly app, full of advertisements, does not make you look for the desired location, difficult to use. Uninstalled less than 1 minute. Very not recommended.
Jul 23, 2021
Hands off. Last scrap. No live pictures. Some of the satellite images are 8 years old. The images are obtained from Google Maps. Therefore, you can also use maps right away. And the choice of wonders of the world is a joke. Not even the pyramids are there. ridiculous
Jun 27, 2021
I will give my opinión, but not now i have'nt really checked it out.
Jun 26, 2021
On the advertisement it said that they showed the Statue of Liberty there is actually no aspect of Freedom I you 4 stars but I think I will drop it to a star and after half a star and after 0 stars that is I am going to give 0 stars because just sucks on a they said that on I see there were little fish but they said that you could not enter there was a mistake someone told me can explain please thank you so much hello and have a good day then if you tell me how do you see that
May 17, 2021
Available Services rather limited. Cameras minimal. No search for cameras. List of countries arranged randomly. No setting to choose preferred units.
Live Earth Map: Discover Earth Cam - Satellite Map - Product Description
With live cam app, it’s easy to discover what’s going on around the globe without physically present there through live streaming of the best live earth webcams. You want to go on a trip and need a GPS route planner? Or do you want real time weather updates? Free GPS navigation app is here to help you... 
download this free 3D world webcam and earth map app now and start voice navigate your journey.  

Now you can easily voice search with a live earth webcam HD and 3D world map app. Through these free 3D maps you can also get the benefit of a GPS navigation app with satellite view and live stream which enables you to see each and everything that is happening around the globe through public live webcams online. 3D earth live cam app is best option to discover the world. 

Use live earth 3D map view & live satellite view to find famous places and buildings in hundreds of cities around the world. 3D earth webcam HD also has live streaming with high-definition cameras. GPS navigation app has all live webcams online with airport cams, street cam, nature cams, highway cams, countries cams & beaches cams. so come on! Download the free GPS map app and start visiting the exotic places. 

This live earthcam app has voice GPS directions & navigation, route planner, GPS locations Sharing and traffic alerts, find 3D maps and directions to help drivers for finding and planning the shortest possible route to their destination. GPS route finders never make you lost. 

Through this live earth cam GPS map app you can see live forecast info about weather on the dashboard of this free satellite map. Keep yourself updated with the weather condition of your current and target destination before starting your journey. In this live webcam HD world map you can see temperatures, wind direction, wind speed & humidity of your target location. Let’s have the best live cam app for easy voice GPS assistance with current location updates.

Live earth webcam HD: 3D world map, GPS navigation app has best features like saved and shared locations and find nearby places. Voice GPS directions & navigation is smarter planning before you plan for drive, ride a bike or walk. Voice GPS route planner is a perfect guide all along the route. Through this GPS map app you can get live traffic updates to plan alternative routes and other requirements for journey.

So don’t waste time and install this free 3D world webcam and earth map for an easy journey.

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