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Monster Truck Go: Racing Games - Latest Quality Issues
Dec 19, 2022
Only 2 levels. No way to unlock more in game. You MUST pay. This is clearly DESIGNED for kids to purchase on their own without parents knowing. Scam scam scam alert.
Dec 24, 2022
the game can't get another car when you only get 3 cars and 2 places
Dec 25, 2022
big disappointment
For its price , this is a basic and monotonous game ,
Dec 31, 2022
Vry bad quality and many bugs The bots r v3ry owerpower
Jan 4, 2023
It's not possible to share this game in the family Link app. This means that it only works on the device where you payed for it 🤬
Jan 8, 2023
nonsense wasted my data only two levels other you have to buy it
Jan 11, 2023
Even when you buy the game it still has multiple buttons with "more games" that take you to your app store.... Very cynicle for a game for kids.
Jan 13, 2023
Adek I cried to play this, because the car was only given three, and the map was only given two, if you want to get all you have to pay, the developer is really stingy
Jan 26, 2023
Full pay to play
Poor options, only 2 tracks. No way to continue unless pay
Monster Truck Go: Racing Games - Product Description
VVRROOOM! Time for the big monster truck rally! Racing over obstacles through beautiful landscapes, all headed to the finish line. Your children will love this game! Choose from 12 different monster trucks, all colorful with flashy paint jobs!

Designed for children 2-8 years old, control of the monster trucks is very simple and super fun! Travel up, down, under and through in this cross country monster truck race to the finish line!

From the western United States to Egypt, from the desert to the forest, even from volcanos to Mars, enjoy these interesting maps just waiting for the children to explore!

10 game scenes and 12 monster trucks. Loads of fun!

• Play 10 game scene
• Play 12 monster trucks
• Recommended for young children, 2-8 years old
• No third-party ads

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