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Pack Master - Latest Quality Issues
May 4, 2021
The game is amazing and the graphics tb, but has advertisements in excess qnd I facho the suitcase pops up a
May 3, 2021
pretty good
i completed the game at level260 so now i'm stuck on the same level
Apr 12, 2021
Too many ads
Such a shame every level you reach you're subjected to Ads and long ads! Great graphics cool music such a shame. Uninstalled.
Apr 10, 2021
Just besit😡
It's infuriating that the button is constantly flashing and advertising every 10 seconds😡😡😡
Apr 10, 2021
3 stars
Firstly, there is SO many ads. There is ads before and after each level. The ads are so long too. There are really long ads for such short levels. Also, there is ads for putting stuff in the trash and getting a hint. Yes, you can pay for the no ads options but I don't want to pay 2.99 for it. I hope this ad problem can be fixed. Secondly, the destinations take so long to complete. It's the fun of the game, sure, but it takes forever. I got really exited to go to Mexico but it made me do 2 more levels. This is very tedious so hope this problem can also be fixed. Lastly, can the levels please be a bit longer. Some levels take such a short time so I wish they could be a bit longer. So I hope this game can get some improvement. But other than these 3 problems, this game is great and definitely something you can do when your bored 😊
Apr 10, 2021
It’s cool.
OK ITS AMAZING but why is there so muchs ads after every single level bro like pls get away the ads am I pressing something or what like bro this is me omg a ad omg a ad omg a ad like pls it's sO Amazing bUt PLS MAKE MOrE BuT WITh A LITTLE bit Ads pls lord
Apr 8, 2021
Good game, but waaaay to many ads (for developer).
So this game is a basic and fun game. When I downloaded it and did the first level I loved it. But after a few rounds of the game and then I realized that after every time I finish packing a suitcase an ad comes. Every time. And that what makes this game terrible. I tried turning off the WiFi on my phone and somehow the ads still came. Nothing will work so developer PLEASE take away the ads. PLEASE! Thank you so much if you do.
Apr 6, 2021
Great but...
I love this game it gets me entertained when I'm bored and don't know what game to play but I'm on level 70 already and It's to hard I need hints all the time OMG! So that's the only problem I don't play this very much but now I think it's a 3 star ok ok ok???
Apr 1, 2021
This game is soo cute and fun to play but the problem is ads!!!! I went offline also without wifi and net but there is still ads please please fix it!! I dont want so many ads after offline also........
Pack Master - Product Description
Can you pack it all in? Are you an expert packer? Only the smartest travelers can visit every country. Be the leader of the pack!

What is more refreshing than the feeling of a nice, perfectly organized suitcase? Relive that relaxing feeling over and over again as you get ready to travel with Pack Master. Your one simple challenge is to fill your suitcase with the myriad objects provided. All at once easy and increasingly frustrating.

We aren’t just dealing with clothes here. Oh no. You’ll have to cram much more than that into a minimal amount of space. We are talking shoes, plants, crowns, snorkels; wait, is that a bowling ball?? So, yes, basically anything your brain could think of. 

Travel around the world to international cities and solve special puzzles created specifically for each of them. Organization is key since your suitcases are not the boring rectangles you are used to. We will strain the limits of your imagination as you try to fit the pieces into cases of all shapes and sizes. 

Hundreds of levels of cramming craziness
Fill your passport with stamps from around the world
11 exotic locales with unique, fun objects
Perfect for the plane. No Wifi required!

Travel smarter and pack cleaner. Pack Master will help organize your brain as you organize your suitcase.

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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