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Panda Cube Smash - Big Win with Lucky Puzzle Games - Latest Quality Issues
May 5, 2021
This developer is not paying the gamers who watch the ads. The developer is getting paid but he's not paying us. The games, all of them stop allowing the players to make the last few cents needed to cash out. RUN, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS DEVELOPERS games. If there are no players, then they will get a dose of what the players feel. It's a shame that Google allows criminals to rip customers off. BAD NEWS!
May 4, 2021
Love the game. Freezes alot lose points.
May 4, 2021
After getting 58.49 , it stops giving level gifts, so you can not cash out
Apr 30, 2021
Seems like there is something going to happen 🤔 to make it a lot harder.
Apr 30, 2021
When trying to get $50 it take 2yrs this game sucks
Apr 28, 2021
The app is fun to play but when u play 10 rounds and only get 1 cent every 10 rounds it gets boring and can't get to $100 dollars to cash out. U need to approve the app more and payout more every 10 rounds.
Apr 27, 2021
Disappointed that there is no way to login and keep what ever amt of money you have earned, or the progress you've made. I've had to start over several times due to phone issues. All the progress made was list and the $98 earned, lost.
Apr 25, 2021
Believe the reviews that are telling you this is a scam. I am over level 1210 and it has STOPPED OFFERING REWARDS The game begins by giving you large amount (obv to keep you playing). (Like anywhere from $6-30 beginning) Once you begin to get close to the goal the rewards DRASTICALLY go down to where you are only receiving one PENNY per 10 levels. This stays like this (1 cent per 10 games) for ~100 levels or more. (I don't remember exactly but it takes 300 games to get 3 cents. Also, the video rewards (ads you watch for additional prizes- coins/upgrades etc) start to glitch once you get to level ~ 1150. You cannot watch an ad to double your rewards it will freeze the whole thing and you'll have to close the game out without receiving your rewards. THEN once you pass level 1201 they enter you into the “gold” league. It has STOPPED OFFERING REWARDS. The label that says how much money you have (I am currently at $96.66) normally has a “in 10 more levels receive rewards”... that has completely gone. You CANNOT cash out until you have $100 but the game does NOT OFFER REWARDS PAST A CERTAIN POINT SO unless you REALLY like watching ads that say you can get 2 million dollars a week (lol) for no reason, download the million other games that play just like this and don't waste your time.
Apr 24, 2021
Total scam! Once I reached $97.58 it has not given out anymore money even though it says I earned it. I have tried multiple times contacting support with no response.
Panda Cube Smash - Big Win with Lucky Puzzle Games - Product Description
Welcome to a new PUZZLE GAME with constructions and money reward in the cube & toon world! Play Panda Cube Smash for free in the most and rewarding Puzzle game, to be the lucky guy and get coin rewards. Get ready to win real money!

Do you want to win real money without wasting time in plinko or slot games? Now, you could get money reward in Panda Cube Smash, a FREE blast puzzle game! Panda Cube Smash is a super fun, challenging, free cartoon puzzle game. In Panda Cube Smash, you can not only enjoy collecting and blasting cubes & toons to win real money of the puzzle games, but also you can get easy guidance to construct your own fantastic construction! No matter get started from which part of Panda Cube Smash, you have a chance to get money rewards.

Have you ever felt difficult when playing a match-3 puzzle game? In Panda Cube Smash, you can fully enjoy the strong explosive feeling of crushing or blasting. This is a kind of blasting puzzle game for both adults and children. Match 3 or 2 cubes of the same color, tap to crush or blast the cubes, collect toons and toys to pass levels for real money rewards. 

Do you love winning free coins? If so, you’ll love to join the toon world and be lucky to win free coin rewards! Challenge yourself, to blast more, to beat a higher score, to earn more coin rewards, to win real money! Hey, your furry friends are waiting for you, so come on now and enjoy this amazing blasting puzzle world!

✔️ Tap 2 or more cubes of the same color to blast or crush the toons.
✔️ Match 5 or more puzzle pieces of the same color to create powerful boosters.
✔️ Use rockets or bombs to blast the cubes & pass levels.
✔️ Upgrade the workers, vehicles, and efficiency with the diamonds obtained by passing levels.
✔️ Build different buildings around the world with panda.
✔️ Participate in various activities to earn free coins and win real money! Such asDaily challenge, Guild Gift, Star tournament, Guild tournament, and Champion Arena, etc.

-Completely FREE!
-Over 1200 challenging puzzles!
-Fantastic constructions & Massive landmarks!
-Free money rewards from the daily challenge!
-Have a chance to win a real money reward after levels!
-Compete with other players worldwide to win the Champion Cup!
-Create your Guild or join the Guild you want with your Facebook friends.
-Get free lives and coins from your Guild members by joining a Guild! 

Start your happiness by joining us, enjoy this unique free blast game, and have a new adventure in Panda Cube Smash!
Love blasting or crushing cubes in the toy & toon blasting puzzle world?
Love construction the worldwide landmarks?
Download for free to enjoy blasting feeling with your friends!

Our email: panda@tuyoogame.com

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Panda Cube Smash is always there for you.
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