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Pinball Go - Big Win - Latest Quality Issues
May 2, 2021
The money didn't come for PayPal
Requested a transfer of $2 money did not come.
May 1, 2021
Don’t bother!
This game is ok but you'll never get a pay out! I've been waiting on $6 to put me over $100 since February 27th..it's now April 19th! No customer service agent has replied either!! This game is a scam and a waste of time! 🤮
Apr 28, 2021
This game is a bust
I've been playing this game for almost a year now an I'm still at like $96 of the $100 you need to cash out. In the beginning it gives you money balls to hit an get that helps you add money to ur game now that I'm close to the $100 It is almost impossible they don't give you an money signs to hit to win an I think these games should pay what they advertise. I think they should be held accountable for false information I mean I know everyone can't win money all the time an yes making it a little more difficult is reasonable so thousands of people don't keep winning an winning an u go broke but come on you can't have a game just stop letting a player win cash all together an I think that's what this game does you can get very close to the cash out reward them boom you get nothing an as I said I've played this game for almost a year an I have been stuck on $96 for probably 7 months so I've kept the game as a principal I wanted to see exactly how long it took to get to the $100 an if this game ever paid off what it advertises and I'd really like to know if anyone ever won on this game any of the prizes or money this game advertises an how long it took them. I think if no one has ever won these false advertising games should be banned cuz it gives people false hope. I mean some of us love to play games helps keep you brain active an some of us need to earn a little extra money for emergencies that come up an can't work 2 or 3 jobs so all these games that claim you can win money draw is to them an are nothing but fake advertising. It is over all a good fun game but as of getting any prizes or money it's a BIG LIE !!
Apr 27, 2021
Never received any of the rewards that I was supposed to
Apr 24, 2021
Don’t waste time!
Appears Same results as their Spin for cash app. Earn $ and then app won't open so impossible to cash out. Developers making $ off ads and we are racking up wasted hours.
Apr 18, 2021
They don't pay out. Requested payment in January still says pending, and they won't respond to emails. Don't bother
Apr 14, 2021
I see where I have cash winnings I tap it... nothing happens, on my husbands phone another window opens to cash out or get Amazon gift cards. now I can't uninstall this crap.
Apr 9, 2021
Doesn’t actually pay out
Played enough to cash out $2. Cashed out and it's said pending since January. Support doesn't answer. Is a complete scam.
Apr 4, 2021
Enjoy playing it but it won't let you win enough to cash in
Pinball Go - Big Win - Product Description
Play the best FREE Pinball game every day - 100% risk-free with Pinball Go!
Join the millions of people playing Pinball Go! Relax and collect big prizes! 
With a little luck and skill you could become the next Millionaire!

How to play?

- Tap and release pinballs to get points and collect coins.

- Pinballs drop in the buckets will get different rewards.
- Super slots will start when you get enough points.
- Use tools to make the whole process easier!


- One tap and easy control

- Very accurate and customizable physics and ball movements.
- Addictive gameplay.

- Excellent time killer game.

STOP hesitating and join us! the more you play, the more you win!
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