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Princess: Play Doll Home Games - Latest Quality Issues
Dec 20, 2022
They do not have any good clothes to pick from to make Type situation
Dec 21, 2022
Anne is no longer telling me what to do again why?
Jan 2, 2023
Ads,I do not recommend
Jan 12, 2023
the game is good but it keeps coming out of the screen almost all the time and this is very annoying so I hope they fix this problem
Jan 13, 2023
I can not get in because my phone is a bos * , like so I squeeze play is there is some balls walked and back to play story 😠😤😡🤦
Jan 15, 2023
Too much advertising, size is not adapted to the screen, menu navigation unclear
Jan 20, 2023
Jan 24, 2023
well creative more has many options q do not work only if download
Jan 26, 2023
Not a game ,tp ad field.
Princess: Play Doll Home Games - Product Description
Cool educational app with cute princesses coloring book, including 50+  amazing pictures of princesses, fairy-tales, queens, unicorns and much more !
Plenty of activities, such as: dressing up, art nails, puzzles, washing dishes and clothes, birthday cakes and more.

- Princess Coloring Book is the best girls’ game and princesses coloring book with magnificent princess coloring pages.
- Princess Coloring Book is an awesome interesting princesses game for kids, 
 teens and adults as well!
- Princess Coloring Book includes 50+ princesses coloring pages for glitter and patterns colors: beautiful princesses, princes, queens, mermaids, ponies, unicorns, cartoon princesses, cute pets, and other amazing princesses coloring pages!
- Princess Coloring Book is friendly and easy to use!
- Princess Coloring Book is FREE coloring book, all the images are completely free!
- Princess Coloring Book has a colorized collection of princess coloring pages. 
- Beautiful princess dress, crowns, hairstyles, stars, hearts and much more!

 "Princess Coloring Book" presents 6 unique mini-games designed mainly for little girls:
- Nails designing and Manicure with very cool and attractive colors, beautiful glitter colors, stickers, huge designing patterns and sharpening.
- Dress-up with very attractive, stylish and modern princesses with a lot of sport clothes, daily dresses, night dresses, sport shoes, sandals, stylish shoes, boots, wallets, crowns, pets and much more! And we make sure here to educate the little girls take care and not to show the parts foreign shouldn't see. Please download the application and see how we do that! 
- Dishes cleanup. Designed in an educational way so little kids learn how to save water.
- Clothes washing and ironing. This includes clothes sorting, into colored and white pieces, washing, drying, ironing and hanging in the closet.
- Cake decoration for birthday cake with lovely happy birthday music: decorate your cake with a cute stickers, candies, lollipops, candles, ballerina dolls and a lot of surprises !
- Puzzles with many pictures for girls.

Princess Coloring Book: HOW to play?
- After downloading the game, Press PLAY button at the main screen.
- Select FREE mode coloring, or choose your favorite image, or any image you like.
- Color and recolor your image with different bright colors, colors with patterns, or glitter colors!
- Use brush, or pencil to fill your page
- Zoom in, zoom out for coloring small details. 
- Use the magic coloring button for automatic coloring! 
- Locate stickers or animated stickers on your colorful page!
- Enjoy picking stickers as a reward from your stickers box!
- Save and share your princesses coloring images with your friends and family in Facebook, Instagram, WatsApp! Don’t forget to choose your gorgeous frame!

" Princess Coloring game" includes the following features:
- 50+ colorable pictures of princesses, princes, queens, mermaids, ponies, unicorns, etc.
- 20 bright and beautiful colors to use for drawing and filling.

- 10 attractive patterns colors to use for drawing and filling.
- Filling an entire region with color, drawing with a pencil or a brush, and using an eraser.
- A colors spectrum with multiple colors to use for drawing and filling.
- A free-drawing game for creating original drawings.
- 50+ decorations and animated stickers from world of the little girls with sounds and motions.
- Clothes sorting, washing, drying, ironing and hanging.
- Puzzles with colorful amazing backgrounds. 
- All activities are full of coins, presents, cheerful feedback! 

Our goal at Kideo:
- providing the best value for your family.
- allowing your kids to develop visual and cognitive abilities in order to learn to communicate with their peers and the environment around them
- and to acquire important life skills.
- each game is designed by a professional for the specific age group.

 What are you waiting for? Let’s download "Princess Coloring Book" now!!
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