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Racing Smash 3D - Latest Quality Issues
May 4, 2021
I'm playing min 5 so far. I don't have any ads.
May 3, 2021
Hi guys
I like the game I like how you can upgrade and stuff and get new bikes but there is two things I gotta say. 1. You no how there is a bike where you gotta watch 70 adds I think in the next update make it like 15 or something and no higher than 70 please. 2. There is a lag so when you drive it makes you revers a couple of seconds fix that as well. Thanks bye
May 1, 2021
Not bad, but it's over concentrated on fught than adrenaline rush racing. Thus it makes lags also
Apr 24, 2021
Why can't it be in dolonan so long ko can ngenleng
Apr 14, 2021
don`t install this app plsss
Apr 13, 2021
The game does not open.
Apr 8, 2021
Why is it loading so slowly, but it's fun?
Mar 30, 2021
In my previous evaluation had mentioned to the sounds of the bikes that there is, please think about putting and thanks for the updates. Thanks to the developers.
Mar 29, 2021
I just want a new bike and this game is so bad every lose or win is a skip add
Racing Smash 3D - Product Description
Are you still playing the same motorcycle racing games?  Try this unconventional new one.

Attack and fly over any opponents who try to overtake you in the game.
The last one? No,you won’t.

Crazy....Wheels?Unicycle?Pan knocking?  Massive equipments are waiting for you!
 You can fight with your feet, baseball bats, huge pan, Gold Hoop,Thor  Hammer, guns and any equipment you can't imagine!
 Unicycle?  This is not special, have you seen a motorcycle without wheels?
 Weaponry with a wide-open brain, with a variety of cool motorcycles!
 You are the most cool boy on the racing track!

Moto vs plane?  Have you tried racing with an airplane?
 Town, wilderness, beach, metropolis
 Diverse tracks, diverse scenes waiting for you to explore~
 Passers-by, trucks, taxis, vans and even airplanes!
 Anything that makes you dumbfounded on the field can happen!
 Try a racing battle with the plane!

Racing Smash 3D
Moto, racing, fighting
 A unique game waiting for you to experience!
Super relaxing game! Creative weapons, more fun.
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