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Root: Affordable car insurance - Latest Quality Issues
May 4, 2021
Negative experience
The app works great. The service they give much less. I got Root car insurance because of their great prices. Everything was going great until my first accident. I am an immigrant and this is my first accident in the USA. Immediately, I made the claim through the app and uploaded the pictures of what happened, including the other car and its number plate. On the next day, March 7, I get an email from Stephanie B. with Root, saying that she is reviewing my case. I answer thanking her for her email, explaining that I am new to this and asking for her guidance through the process. Days go by, and I have no news. I call asking for an update and Stephanie tells me that they have not been able to find the other driver or their insurance company. I tell her that they have the picture of the number plates, which I emailed to her. She realizes so. No biggie. Anyone makes a mistake. On March 19 I get a call from the other driver's insurance company. They take a couple weeks more to get in contact with their client. In the end, the other driver comes out of the bushes and denies any guilt in what happened. More days go by and on April 2, Root sends to me a check for $1600. There is no other explanation. I ask what happens if the price of the repairs is higher, and they tell me that they will speak directly with the shop. On April 12, I finally leave my car at the shop. I did not have insurance for replacement car, so I rent a car. The auto shop tells me that they need the estimate from Root. Immediately on the same day, I email Stephanie to do so. I attach all the pertinent contact information. Days go by and the auto shop calls me. They have not received anything from Root, so they cannot start the repairs. The dollars on the rental car and my concerns keep growing. I call and email Stephanie many times. All go unanswered. She seems to have disappeared. I finally call the general customer service number of Root. Another representative, Jeanie B., finally moves my case along, and the supplement submitted by the shop gets approved by Root's underwriter. This is April 26, two full weeks after I left my car at the body shop! On April 29, I send an email to Root's underwriter, Lavyonne M., asking if Root is going to pay for the rental car, at least partially, given the fact that at least two weeks of delays in the repairs are directly their responsibility. Five days have gone by and I am still waiting for an answer. What a disappointment this company has been. Now I know better and I will choose a better and more reliable company the next time.
May 4, 2021
False advertising
I thought Root was going to be the answer to my prayers. I did the test drive, I drove as responsibly as I possibly could. But it kept saying I was using my phone while I was driving—I 100% wasn't. The customer support guy said that he didn't know why but it shouldn't hurt my price quote too much. I ended up with an 8/10 score (which they say is ‘good') and my quote went up! It was barely manageable before—this is ridiculous! Now I have to go insurance shopping AGAIN. I'm more than disappointed in this company. If you are a younger driver and you're looking for insurance at a fair price, DONT USE ROOT.
May 4, 2021
Terrible insurance company. They will not save you money, infact they will overcharge you, just like they tried to overcharge me.
May 3, 2021
Bait and switch company. Offered one rate with incentives to continue lowering my monthly rate. Only to find out after signing a policy that the incentives were mandatory and became progressively more invasive to the point that I canceled my policy for the sake of my privacy. Took to asking not only for GPS, and phone activity tracking, but required access to my fitness trackers, social media posts, and spaming my contacts to advertise their services. Again, These were not Optional.
May 3, 2021
I hate that my rate was a decent price then it rised from one price to a higher price stop changing prices or you will lose a lot of customers so disappointed with there prices read the reviews first then decided
May 3, 2021
My old insurance was ripping me off now with root I've insured 3 vehicles for the same price I paid for one on my other policy. I'm very pleased
May 3, 2021
Only problem i have is that during your test drive there isnt any passenger mode i cant even ride in other peoples car and be on my phone because it calculates that im driving. I havent finished my test drive but update then? Lmao.
May 3, 2021
BE AWARE.... this Insurance company claims they are there for their customers when they need them, well guess what? THEY AREN'T?!!! Very dissatisfied with the service they were supposed to provide when I needed them the most. Stranded in the middle of the night on a busy IN highway while it was raining. Called Root Ins to get help with towing assistance that NEVER CAME. After waiting on hold for 1/2 hr each time I called, I still was left alone, in the middle of night in the dark! BE WARE!
May 2, 2021
I WAS; (THAT IS..°Past Tense°) -->I "Was Very Happy" W/ by 'ROOT CAR INSURANCE'.UP Until I NOTICED: REGARDLESS OF "HOW GREAT YOUR DRIVING RECORD IS EVERY WEEK/ MONTH"; YOUR Monthly PAYMENTS Will KEEP-ON GOING Up😡MY Score for the Practice Test Was 10 of 10 & my monthly payment was $51.00. MY SCORE is STILL 10 of 10 & HAS BEEN SINCE DAY 1 YET 2 Reinstatements later & it's JUMPED to OVER $150.00 MONTHLY! MAKES NO SENSE!
Root: Affordable car insurance - Product Description
Root is the easier, more affordable way to insure your stuff. Good drivers can save hundreds on car insurance with a personalized rate based on your driving. Bundle with renters or homeowners for more coverage and more savings—get a discount on your homeowners insurance just for bundling, and renters starts at only $6/month. It’s affordable coverage for the things that matter most, and it’s all conveniently located in the Root app.

Root car insurance:
Unlike traditional car insurance companies that base rates on demographics, like your age, marital status, or gender, we use a mobile app to measure driving behavior and base rates primarily on how people drive. By removing bad drivers from the equation, we’re able to keep our rates low. Good drivers save up to $900 a year. It’s the fair way to price car insurance. There's a reason we’ve been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Wired, The Washington Post, and Fortune Magazine.

Root renters insurance:
If you rent your house, condo, or apartment, you can get renters insurance starting at just $6/month. It covers your stuff when it's in your home and when it’s not (like your suitcase in a hotel), damage to your stuff from smoke or fire, a place to stay if your home is too damaged to live in, and even medical expenses if someone gets hurt in your home. And, it’s surprisingly cheap. Bundle with auto and have everything you need right in the app.

Root Home:
Get personalized protection for you, your home, and your belongings with Root Home. Your Root Home policy allows you to customize your homeowners coverage to best fit your needs, with easy payment setup and 24/7 customer service. Save on your homeowners insurance when you bundle with auto—it’s simple and convenient to bundle right in the Root app.

To start and see how much you could save, download the Root app today.

Why choose Root car insurance?

Good drivers can save hundreds
• Drive with the Root app for a free quote
• Your driver score is the #1 factor that goes into your rate
• Don’t pay for bad drivers (like you would with other companies)

Car insurance, all in an app
• Customize to fit your budget and pay for your policy
• Add vehicles and drivers
• Make changes and instantly see the difference in price
• File a claim and snap photos to submit in 5 minutes

More benefits
• Good driver discount automatically applied
• Roadside Assistance included with every policy
• Free Lyft rides on select holidays
• Earn referral bonus offers

Why bundle car insurance with renters or homeowners?
• Save on your homeowners or renters policy when you bundle
• Sign up is simple—customize your coverage right in the app
• Personalized protection for you, your home, and your stuff
• All your policies conveniently in one app

Download the Root app to get a quote.

Learn more at: https://www.joinroot.com

Disclaimer for savings: Based on savings reported by actual customers who purchased a new Root policy between October 2019 - July 2020; changes in coverage levels not evaluated.
Disclaimer for coverage: Coverage is available in the event of a covered loss. Exclusions may apply.
Not available in all states.
Disclaimer for Root Home: Root Insurance Agency provides homeowners insurance through Homesite Group Incorporated at go.homesite.com. Coverage not available in all states.

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